How To Embed Tweets In Your Blog Or Website

Twitter seems to be rolled out or rolling out new user interface (UI) to everyone because in last two days all my Twitter account got new UI. So if you got the new UI and have a blog or website where you would like to embed your or someone else tweet then all you need to do is copy two lines of code and your done.

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How To Embed

Let me tell you how will get the code, for instance if you want to copy one of your own tweet then simply

  1. Go to your Twitter profile
  2. Click on Open (beside the tweet you want to embed)
  3. Then click on Details, below that tweet
  4. Now that tweet will open in a new page
  5. Thee you will find Embed this Tweet link below your tweet, click on it

Now you will get your embed code, simply copy-past it where ever you would like to embed. You can also set if you want to display alignment of your tweet to left, center or right. If you have a blog on or where they support tweet short code then you can write a simply to embed Tweets, all you need to write is


Replace USER_NAME with the username (or twitter handle) of whose tweet you are going to embed and also replace TWEET_ID with the correct tweet ID. For instance if you are going to embed this Tweet ( then in the place of USER_NAME give Jajodia_Saket and in place of TWEET_ID you need to give 167233362111635456 and it will look like this


By default its aliment is none so If you want to change it then you need to add align=’center just before closing third (square) bracket and replace center with the type of (left, center or right) alignment your want.


After you embedded your tweet, your reader/visitors will get many options, like they can follow that person whose tweet is embedded, reply to that tweet, retweet it, add that tweet in favorites. If that tweet has any multimedia content (e.g. image uploaded via Twitter or YouTube videos) then that will also display, currently Twitter don’t display other third-part content in embedded tweets.

If you are adding any tweet which is replied to someone else or your tweet then it will also display the tweet to which it is replied, for now you can’t edit and remove the tweet to the one which it is replied but hoping that in near future Twitter will let us do that.

You won’t be able to embed tweets from accounts which are made private. And in case after a tweet got embedded and then it is deleted or that tweet owner change their account from public to private or that account got suspended or your reader/visitors has disabled JavaScript in their web browser then those embedded Tweet will appear somewhat like it is showed below.

Do text while walking and what you think it dangerous or not?…

— Saket Jajodia (@Jajodia_Saket) February 8, 2012