How To Put Your Company Logo On TeamViewer And Make It Look More Brandable

TeamViewer is one of the most popular to access your computer, laptop and mobile phone remotely. It is used by many offices and especially by Tech Support team, where they help their customers and clients to solve problems in their computer. So if you or your company provides such service and if your customer’s or client’s computer TeamViewer not already installed from before then you might like to make your service look more professional and branded by putting your company logo on TeamViewer software.

Dzire2Dzine QuickSupprt - TeamViewer

So to do so visit, now give the required details , you can put your logo, change the text and background color, and change the title bar to whatever you want, add custom test above Your ID and Password option and the click on Generate QuickSupport button. However it will still show link at the button (as you can see in above image).

Make sure you or your company have got licensed version of TeamViewer to make it work properly on your client’s computer else if you use free version to access your client’s computer after every five minute you will face connection problem.