How To Watch US Restricted YouTube Movies And Video

As of we all know that we can watch full length movies on YouTube for free but there are many movies which are restricted to country specific due to copyrights issue. For instance one of your friend from US sent you a YouTube movie link which is restricted to US viewers only and if you open that link it will show you “The movie is not available.”, so how you are going to watch that movie?

Rent Movies On YouTube

There are many such free and paid movies and videos on YouTube which are restricted to US or any specific countries only. So to watch them you will need US IP address so for that if you use Firefox or have Internet Explorer in your computer then simply download and install Cocoon toolbar in your web browser, then sign-up/sign-in to your Cocoon account and start watching all movies which are restricted to US viewers only.

Now you can not only watch movies on YouTube but other YouTube videos also. You can even sign-in to your YouTube account and watch paid movies by paying the rent fee, the paid feature which is currently only available and restricted to US.