How To Export All Your Files And Documents From Google Docs With Google Takeout

We use Google Docs to take backup, share online and to have access anywhere-anytime to our documents. But when we are going out of station where we might not get access to internet and their we will be needing the documents which we backed up on Google Docs.

So now before leaving we need download all the documents from Google Docs, if we have lots of files stored then it is not possible to download each one of them one-by-one. But to solve this problem we can use Google Takeout.

Somewhere in mid of last year (in 2011) Google introduced a new services called Google Takeout which lets users to download date from some of the Google Products and Services. But at the time of launch they only supported few Google Products and Services like, Google Buzz, Google Contacts and Circles (Google+), Picasa Web Albums, Google Profile and Google+ Stream. This year Google added more of their Products and Services in Google Takeout which also includes Google Docs.

So to download all your files and Documents from Google Docs using Google Takeout follow these steps:

  1. Go to Google Takeout, login to your Google account
  2. Select Chooses services –> Docs
  3. Now you will see it will be checking the Estimated number of files and sizes
  4. Once it get completed, click on CREATE ARCHIVE button
  5. Takeout - Chooses services -- Docs

  6. Then it start making archive of all your documents
  7. After it get completed, you will able to see the Download button, click on it
  8. Takeout - Download - Complete

You can choose which type of files will get save in which format. For instance you can choose Documents should save in MS Word (DOC), PDF, Rich Text (RTF), OpenDocument Text or in Pain Text. Similarly you can also choose for Drawing (should save in PDF, JPEG, PNG or SVG), Presentation (should save in PPT, OpenDocument Presentation, PNG or Pain Text), Spreadsheet (should save in XLS or OpenDocument Spreadsheet) and for other files it will get save in their default format (e.g.: PSD).

You will get to choose these options when they will be checking Estimated number of files and sizes (in step 3) by clicking on Configureā€¦ bar. You can also choose when archive gets completed your get it notified via email.