How To Get Earthquake Alert And Notifications In Many Ways

Few days back there was couple earthquake came in Indian Ocean and it was felt in some of the cities in India and nearby countries, by now most you must have got to knew about it. But till now if you haven’t got to know about it till now and from future if you want to get alert about an earthquake activity near your geo location then there are many ways to get alerted but the down side is that none of them can give us enough time so that we can reach on a safe place.

Earthquake Notifications

The U.S. Geological Survey tracks and monitors all the earthquake happens around the world. They notify geo location and Magnitude level of the earthquake, people can easily get notified in many different ways, by visiting their website, following them on Twitter, Facebook, subscribing to their RSS feed, Email Notifications or by downloading KML files for Google Earths.

You don’t have to subscribe to earthquake notifications for entire world, you will get the option to subscribe for the earthquake notifications of your area only. In case if you live near Chile, South America then you can follow @AlarmaSismos on Twitter, it’s a Twitter bot developed by a 14 years old boy name Sebastián Alegría.

Recently Google also added Public Alerts in their web version of Google Earth where you can get relevant weather, public safety and earthquake alerts information and notifications.

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