Getting 404 Error From Google Chrome Hoarding Advertisement

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell and show you the 404 error of Google Chrome hoarding (billboard). Google Chrome is third most use browse in the world with the market share of 9.98% after Internet Explorer (57.08%) and Firefox (22.81%).and to increase its market share Google is rapidly trying through advertising online and offline both. Before Google have came up with an offline advertisement in India. And now Google have came up advertising on hoardings on many different places. Have a look to the few hoardings below

Google Chrome Hoarding from Delhi (Noida Link Road, near Mayur Vihar)

Google Chrome Hoarding from Mumbai

Google Chrome Hoarding from Hyderabad (Near the Taj on Banjara Hills)

In all the three hoarding says

Install speed
Chrome by Google
A fast new Internet browser

But when you visit the link given on hoarding ( it will give 404 error (page not found). This is because anything in subdirectory (after .com/,, .org/) is case sensitive, not all sites follow the case sensitive rule. But when it come to Google they follow it very closely, they don’t like everything in caps, that why they have removed the caps lock button from Google Chrome laptop keyboard. So in the hoarding URL ( “C” of Chrome is in caps, it will work fine when you will type everything in lowercase (

I know it’s a tiny mistake but when the page lands you nowhere then what the use whole advertisement.

Noticed by Cutting the Chai.

What you have to say about this mistake done by a company with lots of expectations? And what is your primary browser (I use Google Chrome only as my primary browser)?

Update [08/01/2010]: – As I noticed today Google have made changes and now, is working but if you type it will still give 404 error.