Completed Six Months Of My Blogging

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.

Today my blog have completed its six months, I have started blogging on 16th July 2010 and after six month I have moved most of my blogs (Jajodia-Saket, In-Face-Book, In-Google-Me and Info-Graphic) to WordPress, also started one new blog on Google-Chrome and a Bulk SMS service. I really like to thank to all my readers, non-readers, visitors, non-visitors, friends, family and one more person (can’t tell the name) for supporting me. And also I really would like to thank few of my blogger friends Akshay (author of Screamable), Jose (author of Tech Junoon), Navjot (author of Hope To Earn) and Shiva (author of Netchunks) (name are written in alphabetically) who helped me in moving from Blogger to WordPress.

Albert Einstein Teaching

I really had a great experience in the world of Blogging, also I really enjoyed it. Because of blogging my studies got little harmed but although in front of what I got from blogging is nothing harmed.

    If you want to write guest posts on any of my following blogs just submit your content for review

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    Here are the few things you should concern about before writing for my blogs

  1. Article should be original (written by you)
  2. It cannot be republished on the web and it should not have been published before
  3. If you use any images or text in the post, please give full credit to them
  4. Each article should have at list one image which should be related to the post. And if you are writing any tutorial or how-to guide then try to give screenshot for each step
  5. Try to write evergreen content
  6. It should not contain any affiliate links
  7. Reply to ever comment you get for your post

You must be thinking what you will get by writing on my blogs. We will give a line about you with your blog link before and after your content. You will able to place your AdSense ads before and after your content, in case if you don’t have an Google AdSense account now instead of your ads default ads will be shown, whenever you will get your Google AdSense account you can place your ads at that very point of time.

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