Download Yahoo! Messenger 11 BETA

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Finally my project is completed and gone good, now just waiting for an online exam which can be held within two weeks and thanks to all of you for your wishes and your patience for my irregular update on my blog. Anyways, today in this post I will tell you about Yahoo! Messenger 11 BETA. Yahoo! have came up with a new messenger, with lots for great new features that can help you in staying connected with your favorite Social Network.

Here are some features of new Yahoo! messenger 11 BETA
1.       Play Social games: – Now you can play many social games from Zynga, OMGPOP and ELEX.
From Zynga you can play Fishville and Mafia Wars
From OMGPOP you can play Balloono, Pool, Draw My Thing
From Elex you can play Happy Harvest and Happy Manor
2.       Keep Yourself Updated: – Now you can get access to your Yahoo! Pulse, Facebook, Twitter and many more.
3.       Facebook Chat:- You can now chat with your Facebook friends right from Yahoo! messenger 11
4.       Access From Multiple PC:- Now you can sign-in to your Yahoo ID from more than one PC, as before you can’t sign-in to Yahoo! from more than one PC (personally I liked that thing as because if someone got to know my Yahoo! password then I could able to get to know that someone is opening my A/C)
5.       Chat Archive:- now your chat with your friends will get save online as before all the chats we do get save on our PC (I was wishing for this feature in Yahoo! Messenger 10)

To download Yahoo! Messenger 11 BETA Click here.

Request For Facebook New Messages Invitation

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Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will help you in getting Facebook New Messaging service. Facebook have announced about the new messaging service. There were rumors about it that it can be a Gmail, Yahoo mail killer. But as Mark Zuckerberg said it is not a Gmail, Yahoo mail killer. It brings all your massages, chat, mails all at one place.

But there is a sad news is that you won’t get access till you don’t get invited by your friends (if they have got access to it) or from Facebook itself. so if you want to get invited by Facebook soon so follow the following steps.

1.       Go to Facebook New Messages page(
2.       Then click on Request an Invitation button at the bottom-right corner of the page

3.       Now wait till Facebook sends you an invitation
4.       Or if any of your friends is using the New Facebook Messages then you can ask them to send you one.

When you get access to The New Messages let us know what you think about it.

Thank You Zoozoo (I Won Zoozoo Goodies)

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today I am writing this post to thank Zoozoo for their Zoozoo Goodies. Today when I entered in my home after returning from my GWD classes I show two couriers were came on my name. One was a DVD of Zoozoo ads from all three seasons and a T-Shirt, on the T-Shirt Continue reading Thank You Zoozoo (I Won Zoozoo Goodies)

Change Your Facebook Page Name

Cross Post with In-Face-Book

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Sorry, I couldn’t able to post anything from many days as I told about it before that I won’t be able to update for few days. Anyways today in this post I will help you in changing the Facebook page name. This is the most requested feature to Facebook by the large number page administrator, now Facebook have finally allow page admin to change pages name.

To change the Facebook Page name
1.       Go to Edit Page (just below the display picture) option
2.       Now select Basic Information from the left side navigation

3.       Now you will see some option respective to your page type
4.       In that you will see the 1st option of Name
5.       Beside that you will see your current page name of which you want to change
6.       Now change that current page name with new name you want to give
7.       Click on Save Changes
8.       You’re done

Note: if you have more than hundred members in your page then you won’t be able to change the page name.

Pre Schedule Your Facebook Status Update

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
In this post I will help you in scheduling your Facebook status/posts updates. There can be possible reasons that you are out for some events or a journey through flight so you won’t be able to update your Facebook on that time. And you want to update something at that certain point of time. So there you can schedule your Facebook updates according to you.

To schedule your updates
1.    You need to sign-up to Sendible

2.    After signing in/up, click on Add/Edit Services tab on top-right of the page

3.    You will see Sendable provides many services but in this post I will help you in Facebook part.
After going to Add/Edit Services tab you will see some services related to Facebook

Click on Add for those service(s) which you want make scheduled for

4.       Click on Connect with Facebook

5.       Now they will ask you two times to Allow the Sendable to access your data (for security reason and if you agree with their Terms of Service and Privacy Policy)

6.    Now click on Save Settings

7.    Go to Massage Box tab

8.    Select the service(s) for which you want to make scheduled for
9.    Now set the schedule by clicking on Scheduling link (in the middle-right-corner of services and text box)

10.  Now type whatever you want to update on that scheduled time then click on Send
Let us know what you think about it and about your experience with it.

Create Your Own Zoozoo Avatar

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
In this post I will tell you how you can make your own Zoozoo avatar. Zoozoo ads are one of the most popular ads because of its cute avatars and the story lines. The advertisement is done for the company Vodafone. Today they have launched a new application in Facebook, where you can create your own Zoozoo avatar.

Here are the steps to get your own Zoozoo avatar:-
1.       Go to the application page by clicking here
2.       Click on allow (if you want this application get access to your information)
3.       Now click on start

4.       Select the sex (female/male) you want for your avatar
5.       Then click on continue

6.       Now select any expression you want for your avatar
7.       Then click on next

8.       Now select the cool accessories you want to use on your avatar
9.       Then click on done

10.   Now click on Save on Desktop (image will automatically start downloading in your computer)

After that upload and publish it on your Facebook wall/album or use it as your profile avatar

Download any videos from any websites

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
In this post I will tell you how you can download any videos from any website with your Epic or Mozilla Firefox browser. You can download videos from more than 600 website (including YouTube, Facebook, IndiaFM (Bollywood Hungama), IBNlive and many more) and the No. is increasing.

You just need Video Download Helper Add-on in your browser, to get Add-on Click here. After downloading and installing it into your browser you will see a new icon between home icon and address bar. If the icon didn’t appeared then restart your browser or computer. Click on that gray icon to see which are the sites supported (to download videos).

Now go to the site from which you want to download video. After fully page get loaded and if it could able to find any video on that page then the icon color will change and its will be rolling and you will also see a drop-down button beside that icon.

Now click on that drop-down, you will see few names. If you are downloading from YouTube then it will show you the option to download in all resolution as much it is available for that video.
Or to download you can also go to Tools –> DownloadHelper –> Media –> now select any one of them according to you.
Let me know what you think about this add-on to download your videos.