How To Host Blog On Your Own Custom Domain

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell you how you can use blog on your own domain. Making blog in is one of the easiest way to start with for bingers. And with that having a custom domain instead of using * is plus point for the SEO of your blog. So let see how we can host blog on custom domain

After you shift your blog to new domain you don’t have worry about your old visitors who know your old * address when they will visit through old address they will get redirect to your new one.

For those who already have domain
1.       Go to the website where your domain is hosted
2.       Login to your account
3.       Now go to the place you can get access to your DNS Management or Name Server Management
4.       Now delete the existing CNAME for the address you want for your blog (if it is already created)
5.       Now create new CNAME and give the address for your blog and in the place of CNAME give

If you are using any of this sites to host your domain, click on them to know how you can do the above process in them

v  1and1
v  No-IP

6.       After your site pointed out to Google success fully go to
7.       Login to your account
8.       Go to Settings –> Publishing (for the blog you want)
9.       Now go to Custom Domain –> Switch to advanced settings
10.   Now enter the domain for which you created the CNAME
11.   Now fill the Word Verification
12.   Then click on SAVE SETTINGS

For those who buying new domain
1.       Go to Settings –> Publishing (for the blog you want)
2.       Now go to Custom Domain
3.       Type the domain name you want
4.       Fill the word verification box
5.       Now click on CHECK AVAILABILITY
6.       You will see a Google page where it will be written is available or is already registered (If it’s already registered then chose the other domain). Then click on Continue button.
7.       Now fill the form accordingly and don’t forget to read and tick the Agreements. If you don’t agree with their Agreement then you can’t have a custom domain from them.
8.       Now click on I accept. Proceed to Google Checkout » (click only if you accept the Agreement).

9.       Now you will see the Google checkout page where they will ask you to add Credit Card details (before giving the credit card details please check it that the link should be something like this { ?o=shoppingcart&shoppingcart;=xxxxx} )
They will ask Credit Card details if you have never added it before or it got expired.
10.   Now go through the following steps as they tell and read everything carefully.

Now go to your blog through old address and see you will get redirect to your blog on the new domain.
For more details about custom domain Click here

If you have any question or problem let me know.

How To Create Playlist In Using JW Player

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell you how you can create playlist using JW Player. As I told in my last post that few readers asked me how they can create Playlist using JW Player and how they can host files of JW Player in Google code. So in last post I told you how you can host files in Google code and if you want to know how to use and earn from JW Player Click here.

To make a playlist using JW Player you need to have an XML file where you will put all the videos link of your playlist.
Here how you can create JW Player Playlist XML file
1.       Open notepad in your computer
2.       Copy the below code
<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<playlist version='1' xmlns=''>

      <title>Video Name</title>
      <location>Video URL</location>
      <annotation>Video Description</annotation>
      <duration>Video Length (Time)</duration>

Now copy the bold portion and paste it after </track> as much time you want (as much video will be in a playlist)
3.       Now change few things
i)        Video Name With the name of the video
ii)       Video URL with the URL of the video
iii)     Video Description With the video description
iv)     Video Length (Time) with the video length
Note: – Every time put different Name, URL, Description and Length
4.       After you made the playlist save that file
i)        Press Crtl+S (for save option)
ii)       Now change the Save as type: from Text Documents (*.txt) to All files (*.*)

iii)     An give the name of the file and after the name give .xml
iv)     Then click Save button
5.       Now upload this file to Google code hosting server or on your hosting server
To know how to upload file to Google code click here.
Here how you can make playlist using JW Player
1.       Go to –> Click on Design for the following blog –> Edit HTML
2.       Find the </head> tag
3.       Just before the end of head tag place the below code (if you haven’t place this code before for JW Player)

4.      Now place the below code where you want to
display your JW Player Playlist

<div name='jwppl1' id='jwppl1'>
<script type="text/javascript"> 
var so = new SWFObject
(' ','single'
so.addVariable('plugins', 'ltas,gapro-1,googlytics-1,fbit-1');
so.addVariable('','AdSolution ID');
so.addVariable('gapro.accountid','Google Analytics ID');
Change the following things before you place the code:
a)      Change The Longtail Video AdSolution ID
Change the AdSolution ID with your Longtail Video AdSolution ID and if you don’t have the AbSolution ID then you can sign up for free, to know how to signup Click Here . Or if you don’t want to show ads just remove this entire line ( so.addVariable('', 'AdSolution ID'); )
b)      Change the Google Analytics ID whit your ID (ID is something like UA-XXXXXXXX-XX)
c)       Change the playlist.xml with your Playlist XML file
d)      Change the image.jpg with your preview image URL (it it not necessary if you are using YouTube video URL)
There is a facebook share button plugin I have given if you want to remove it just remove the ,fbit-1 from this line so.addVariable(‘plugins’, ‘ltas,gapro-1,googlytics-1,fbit-1‘); .
Note: – If you want to add two player in one page then change the 1 in jwppl1 (in 1st line and in last 2nd line) with 2 in 2nd player, if you want to add three player then change it with 3 in 3rd player and so on.
Here is a demo of how JW Player Play will look like

If you are having problem in viewing the Demo Playlist Click here.

Hope it will help you in creating JW Player Playlist, if you have any question or problem let me know

How To Host Files On Google Code

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell you how you can host files in Google code. As few my reader asked me how they can host files in Google code to so that they can create Playlist using JW Player (about creating playlist I will tell in next post) here is how you can. And hosting files in Google code not only help you in creating playlist for JW Player or any just it can also help you in many other ways like, hosting JavaScript, jQuery, CSS and many more. This can help you in blog also.

Here how you can create a project where you will host your file(s)
1.       Go to
2.       At the bottom click on Create a new project
3.       Now fill the form accordingly
4.       After filling the form click on Create project button

Now your project is made where you can host your file(s)

Here how you can host your files
1.       Go to your project
i)        Go to
ii)       At the top-right corner of the page click on My favorites
iii)     Now select the project in which you want to host your file(s)

2.       Click on Downloads tab
3.       Then click on New download
4.       Fill the form accordingly and attach the file you want to host
5.       Then click on Submit file button

Now your file is hosted on Google code

Here how you can get the link of hosted file
1.       Go to the project where you have hosted the file
i)        Go to
ii)       At the top-right corner of the page click on My favorites
iii)     Now select the project in which you want to host your file(s)

2.       Click on Downloads tab
3.       Now right lick on the download icon (beside the file of which you want the link)
4.       Now select
i)        Chrome : Copy link address
ii)       Epic/FireFox : Copy Link Location
iii)     Internet Explorer : Copy Shortcut
iv)     Opera : Copy Link Address
v)      Safari : Copy Link

5.       Now use that link copied link wherever/however you want
If you have any suggestion or want to tell anything let me know

History Of The Internet

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today this post I will show you History of the Internet. Instead of saying much, let see the Timeline Infographic and a video on History of the Internet.

Here is a video on more insight about History of the Internet.

If you are having problem in viewing the videos Click here.

ALERT: Be Careful From Hacker Pranav Jain

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine and safe from hackers.
Today in this post I will tell what I never thought I will be posting on but I have to so that what happed with I don’t want it to done with you all. There is a person who’s email ID is and tells his name Pranav Jain and in PayPal his email ID is and in PayPal his name is given as Alok Jain, PayPal info I got form TechPatio where he have made one more crime as freelance writer.

On 8th October i got his friend request on Facebook I don’t add people whom I don’t know but add very less people who is blogger so I added him as I show him in a blogger group. Probably once in a week or two he asks me something through Facebook chat. And from last two-three weeks he was trying to get my trust on him so he can trap me in his web (like spider web). He started with he want to open a site where people can create their own page using WordPress interface for free and they can put whatever they want. So he wanted me to help him financially in that site but I told I don’t think it’s a good idea as because there are many such site are available, anyhow if you still need my help I can give you server space from my HostGator a/c. But he rejected me by saying that he needs access to cPanel to make change in database whenever he wants. Then he told, he will search for a sponsors (for $200 :P) which he didn’t got. After when i asked him did he got any one to sponsor he told no and I dropped my that idea and thinking of something new and at that same time he told he want to show me something funny he made I told ok send me he gave me a link where he have hosted that file so when I downloaded it and run that file I got a popup saying Your computer is not supported so I told him about it after 10 min I got his reply saying try this (with one more link) again I downloaded and run that file got same popup saying your computer is not supported.

After one hour I got a popup saying logout and re-login to your Facebook account. When I show that popup I understood that this Pranav Jain have done something in my PC by sending me that file. But thanks a lot to Akshay Aggarwal (one more blogger friend) who is the author of Screamable and Gadgets n More to help me out from this virus on my PC. Now because of file which Pranav Jain sent to me he got full access on my PC and can see anything and actually it was not virus it was a RAT (Akshay told me) that’s why my anti-virus couldn’t able to catch it and I haven’t installed Firewall on my PC which can alert me.

So Akshay and my suggestion for you all is use good antivirus and should have Firewall installed in PC and if possible you can also use antispyware. You can use Kaspersky Total Security
or BitDefender Total Security both provides all the three things. And one more thing don’t add people you don’t know as I told before also and now see I only got in that trap, so be very careful.
Do share this post with your each and everyone, so everyone know about it and can be careful from him…

How To Host Images On

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post i will tell you how you can host your images in Hosting images on sites like ImageShack, PhotoBucket and etc is never been a good idea as because they have limited bandwidth for each and every image which means when your image been viewed more many times it will auto get removed from that link and instead of your image it will show Bandwidth Exceeded.

But hosting images in is easy and have no bandwidth limit. And it gets hosted in Picasa.
Here’s how you can host images in

1.       Go to
2.       Login with your account (if you don’t have click here to know how to get one)
3.       Go to Dashboard –> Design (on which you want to host) –> Page Elements
4.       Click on Add a Gadget –> Picture
5.       Deselect the Shrink to fit box
6.       Now Choose File button
7.       Navigate and select the image you want to upload
8.        After your image fully gets upload, you will see the preview of that image
9.       Right click on that image and select
i)        Chrome : Open image in a new tab, then copy the URL
ii)       Epic/FireFox : Copy Image Location
iii)     Internet Explorer : Properties (a popup will open) now copy the Address (URL)
iv)     Opera : Open Image
v)      Safari : Copy Image Address

Now copy the link and use it where ever you want

ZOHO Viewer As A Temporary Document File Hosting Service

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell you about Zoho Viewer. Zoho Viewer is an online document viewer/editor/sharing service by ZOHO. Which let you upload file and view it in any web browser without installing anything in your computer. It also has a feature like Google Dcos Viewer which let you view any type of document, just by using the document link. Without requiring you to sign-up for an account.

1.       You can set expiry date after which the file will automatically get deleted from ZOHO server
2.       If you didn’t selected the Publish this document your file will get deleted as you close that window/tab
3.       You can upload file size up to 10MB
4.       Upload multiple files at a time
5.       You can upload PDF, MS Office files, file, HTML and many more
6.       You can edited the file after uploading it
7.       View file online document without downloading
8.       Embed file in your blog or website

To upload your file, go to or and to upload multiple files at time go to or
To view online file document

Just put the following link before your Document file link.


Suppose if you are using PDF file link

Then after put the Zoho Viewer link it will become like this