All About Adobe Reader X (10) (More Security, Sticky Notes, Share Files And More)

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Today in this post I will tell you how you can share files using Adobe Reader X. Adobe finally released their new version of Adobe Reader X (10) most wanted software for PDF files. Here are the some features of the latest version of Adobe Reader X (10)

1.       Batter security from Bad PDF files which can harm or steal your personal details

2.       Make comment and stick note on documents

3.       Read Mode option which give you a simple view to read files

4.       Share any type (almost any type) files with your friends, colleagues, family members and etc which work on Adobe SendNow platform. It have basically all the same thing which SendNow web platform have. To know more about SendNow Click here

More About Protection and Security

Click here to download Adobe Reader X (10)

Which Is Right, “PDF Format” Or “PD Format”?

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Today in this post I will tell you about PDF. Probably all of you have used PDF files and probably all of you also calls it PDF Format (including me), which is wrong. Do you know what the full form of PDF is? See the below illustration to know more

And it just not you or me who use “PDF” as “PDF format” even Adobe also use “PDF” as “PDF format” on their official site.

Now can you tell what is wrong with PDF format, HTML language, ATM machine, SMS service, LCD display or HTTP protocol?

Illustration done by Geek & Poke, via Digital Inspiration

ZOHO Viewer As A Temporary Document File Hosting Service

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell you about Zoho Viewer. Zoho Viewer is an online document viewer/editor/sharing service by ZOHO. Which let you upload file and view it in any web browser without installing anything in your computer. It also has a feature like Google Dcos Viewer which let you view any type of document, just by using the document link. Without requiring you to sign-up for an account.

1.       You can set expiry date after which the file will automatically get deleted from ZOHO server
2.       If you didn’t selected the Publish this document your file will get deleted as you close that window/tab
3.       You can upload file size up to 10MB
4.       Upload multiple files at a time
5.       You can upload PDF, MS Office files, file, HTML and many more
6.       You can edited the file after uploading it
7.       View file online document without downloading
8.       Embed file in your blog or website

To upload your file, go to or and to upload multiple files at time go to or
To view online file document

Just put the following link before your Document file link.


Suppose if you are using PDF file link

Then after put the Zoho Viewer link it will become like this


How To Open Password Protected PDF Files/Documents

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will help you in opening password protected PDF files. In some cases you might have forgotten the password of your PDF file that you made it password protected or someone sent you a password protected PDF file and you have lost the password also you couldn’t able to contact to the sender of that PDF file. Mainly there are two types of password protection 1st Creator can restrict from opening PDF file, 2nd Creator can restrict from editing, printing, copying and other takes.

In the 2nd type of password protection you can take a print screen of that PDF document and then you can use Paint to copy or printing it anything in it.
But in the case you need to know the password of that PDF file so here is the solution to know the password of that PDF file, you can use Advanced PDF Password Recover.

1.       Download the Advanced PDF Password Recovery by going to this page
2.       After it get downloaded then install it in your computer
3.       After installing when you will run it, you will see in a window with many options and tabs

4.       Select the options as you think the password can be
5.       Then drag and drop the password protected PDF file on this window
6.       Now wait for minutes, hours or even a day (according to your computer’s processing speed)
It tries all the possible combinations that can be a password
7.       After it get complete, it will show you the details about the process

Note: In trial version if the password is more than 4 characters then you won’t be able to get it, then you need to buy it 1.Standard Edition $49, 2.Professional Edition $99, 3.Enterprise Edition $399

And you may surprise to know that this software is totally legal and ELCOMSOFT is also awarded by Microsoft as Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.
Let us know what you think about this software.

View PDF Files Without Downloading Or Using Any Software

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
In this post I am going to tell you how you can see any PDF file without downloading it or using any software. While suffering on internet whenever I get an PDF file to see I need to download it to see that file and also needed to use a software to view that file (like: Adobe Reader or such).

Image credit: Icon Finder

But using Google Docs Viewer you can
1.       View any PDF file online
2.       Copy-Paste anything
3.       Save file in image format (.png)
4.       After viewing if you want you can download it from there
5.       Can take print directly from there
6.       Save it in your Google Docs A/C

Just put the following link before your PDF file link.

For e.g.:  If your PDF file link is

Then after put the Google Docs Viewer link it will become like this
 To Copy-paste just select the thing you want to copy and paste it where ever you want.

Save As Image
To save it in image format Right-click on the page you want to save and select Save Image As from the drop-down.

To Download
There at the top you will see option to Download, Right-click on it and select Save Link As from the drop-down.

To Print
At the top beside Download option you will see an option to Print, simply Click on it to Print.

Save in Google Docs
At the top beside Download and Print option you will see an option to Save in Google Docs, simply just click on it to save (if you are not login to your Google A/C login page will appear so that you can save it in your A/C)

Convert Any File Into PDF

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
In this post I am going to tell you how you can convert any printable file to PDF file.

To convert any printable fine in PDF, 1st might you need to download two softwares (CutePDF and GPL Ghostscript). To download go to the download page by Clicking here, there in left column you will see 3 icons (as shown in below image).

Click on the 3rd icon to download both the software (recommended)
Click on the 1st cone to download only CutePDF
Click on the 2nd icon to download only GPL Ghostscript

After downloading the software, install it in your computer. Now open the file which you want to convert it into PDF and print that file or press Ctrl + P (shortcut key for printing). Now select the CutePDF Writer icon and click on Print.

Now a popup will appear, by which you can save your file in PDF navigate the folder in which you want save it then click on Save button to save it. And its DONE

Let us know if you have any problem with and what you think about it…