Play Snake game on YouTube video

Hi! Everyone, Hope you all are fine.
In this post I will tell you how you can play Snake game in YouTube video player. As those who have slow internet connection they can play snack game while their video is getting buffer or watching videos which is a quite boring, so while the boring part get ends of that video you can play Snack game on the video.

1st click on the pause button to make the video pause then just hold the Left, Up or Down arrow key (use any one of them but don’t use Right arrow key) for about 2 seconds and you will see the gray dotted lines (as in the above image) which is your snack and the single dot standing alone is your snack food. Now start playing your game. If you want to play while watching the video do the same thing just after game starts click on play button to start the video also.

Note: Game is not available in old YouTube flash player or HTML5 player, it will only available in new YouTube flash player.

And the same feature is available in Gmail, just go to Gmail Labs and enable the two options.
1.       Old Snakey
2.       Custom keyboard shortcuts

And hit & from the main page to play the snake game.

Use HTML5 To Embed YouTube Videos

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
YouTube allows user by default to embed video using flash based video player on any website and web pages. Since most of the computers have the Adobe Flash Player plug-in, so your YouTube embedded video will play without any kind of issues. But when it comes to mobile web browser most of them don’t support Flash video Continue reading Use HTML5 To Embed YouTube Videos