facebook: it’s just a start… … … far more to go…

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
As of today, facebook conformed that they have crossed 500 million active people all over the world to stay connected to their friends, family, co-worker, etc.

To celebrate this success with the world, facebook have put all the stores that we have shared with them, how facebook have impact to grow our relation stronger with our friends and families. Facebook also gave us the opportunity to make new friends from different region, background, religion, etc through which our knowledge are widen a lot.

So, facebook launched a new application called Facebook Stories where you can share your story and read hundreds of other’s stories, categorized by locations and themes all over the world.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg wrote in a blog post: Our mission at Facebook is to help make the world more open and connected. Stories like these are examples of that mission and are both humbling and inspiring. I could have never imagined all of the ways people would use Facebook when we were getting started 6 years ago.

We should appreciate them for creating such a wonderful social networking site by sharing our stories.

We can see their photo album with messages of thanks.

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  1. its good to be saved………………<br />they are are very kind to us…………………

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