Change Your Facebook Page Name

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Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Sorry, I couldn’t able to post anything from many days as I told about it before that I won’t be able to update for few days. Anyways today in this post I will help you in changing the Facebook page name. This is the most requested feature to Facebook by the large number page administrator, now Facebook have finally allow page admin to change pages name.

To change the Facebook Page name
1.       Go to Edit Page (just below the display picture) option
2.       Now select Basic Information from the left side navigation

3.       Now you will see some option respective to your page type
4.       In that you will see the 1st option of Name
5.       Beside that you will see your current page name of which you want to change
6.       Now change that current page name with new name you want to give
7.       Click on Save Changes
8.       You’re done

Note: if you have more than hundred members in your page then you won’t be able to change the page name.

How To Open Password Protected PDF Files/Documents

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will help you in opening password protected PDF files. In some cases you might have forgotten the password of your PDF file that you made it password protected or someone sent you a password protected PDF file and you have lost the password also you couldn’t able to contact to the sender of that PDF file. Mainly there are two types of password protection 1st Creator can restrict from opening PDF file, 2nd Creator can restrict from editing, printing, copying and other takes.

In the 2nd type of password protection you can take a print screen of that PDF document and then you can use Paint to copy or printing it anything in it.
But in the case you need to know the password of that PDF file so here is the solution to know the password of that PDF file, you can use Advanced PDF Password Recover.

1.       Download the Advanced PDF Password Recovery by going to this page
2.       After it get downloaded then install it in your computer
3.       After installing when you will run it, you will see in a window with many options and tabs

4.       Select the options as you think the password can be
5.       Then drag and drop the password protected PDF file on this window
6.       Now wait for minutes, hours or even a day (according to your computer’s processing speed)
It tries all the possible combinations that can be a password
7.       After it get complete, it will show you the details about the process

Note: In trial version if the password is more than 4 characters then you won’t be able to get it, then you need to buy it 1.Standard Edition $49, 2.Professional Edition $99, 3.Enterprise Edition $399

And you may surprise to know that this software is totally legal and ELCOMSOFT is also awarded by Microsoft as Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.
Let us know what you think about this software.

Pre Schedule Your Facebook Status Update

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
In this post I will help you in scheduling your Facebook status/posts updates. There can be possible reasons that you are out for some events or a journey through flight so you won’t be able to update your Facebook on that time. And you want to update something at that certain point of time. So there you can schedule your Facebook updates according to you.

To schedule your updates
1.    You need to sign-up to Sendible

2.    After signing in/up, click on Add/Edit Services tab on top-right of the page

3.    You will see Sendable provides many services but in this post I will help you in Facebook part.
After going to Add/Edit Services tab you will see some services related to Facebook

Click on Add for those service(s) which you want make scheduled for

4.       Click on Connect with Facebook

5.       Now they will ask you two times to Allow the Sendable to access your data (for security reason and if you agree with their Terms of Service and Privacy Policy)

6.    Now click on Save Settings

7.    Go to Massage Box tab

8.    Select the service(s) for which you want to make scheduled for
9.    Now set the schedule by clicking on Scheduling link (in the middle-right-corner of services and text box)

10.  Now type whatever you want to update on that scheduled time then click on Send
Let us know what you think about it and about your experience with it.

Unhappy With SBI? Just Send A SMS

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine, but if you are not fine/happy due to SBI. Now you will.
In this post I will tell you about a SBI (State Bank of India) new SMS service. As SBI is the most trusted bank in India for more than 200 years. So they many customers also but all are not being happy with SBI. So to make all their customers happy they have bought a new UNHAPPY SMS service.

Image credit: PanAsianBiz

You just you need to send a SMS to SBI “UNHAPPY” to “80082020202” (easy to remember also, isn’t it?). Now they will contact you and solve it instantly or in next 48 hours.
So what do you think, did your problem got solved do let us know about it.

Crazy Mobile Phone Chargers

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
In this post I will show you some crazy mobile phone’s chargers and some are creative also. Let’s have a look how those crazy chargers look like.
1.     Umbilical Cord iPhone Charger

2.     Solar Tree Charger

credit: 10ein

3.     Retrophone Charger

credit: iphonesavior

4.     Yo Yo iPhone Charger

credit: Peter Thuvander

5.     Rubik’s Cube Charger

credit: Yanko Design

6.     Gypsy Thief’s Steampunk Charger


7.     Vintage iPod Tube Amp/Charger

credit: SlipperyBrick, Herrington

8.     Orange Dance Charger

credit: engadget

9.     Toasty Charger

credit: Yanko Design

10.     Solar Bra Charger

11.     Kawaii Bear iPod Charger

credit: Rinkya

12.     Power Pump Charger

credit: Orange newsroom

via Oddee

Create Your Own Zoozoo Avatar

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
In this post I will tell you how you can make your own Zoozoo avatar. Zoozoo ads are one of the most popular ads because of its cute avatars and the story lines. The advertisement is done for the company Vodafone. Today they have launched a new application in Facebook, where you can create your own Zoozoo avatar.

Here are the steps to get your own Zoozoo avatar:-
1.       Go to the application page by clicking here
2.       Click on allow (if you want this application get access to your information)
3.       Now click on start

4.       Select the sex (female/male) you want for your avatar
5.       Then click on continue

6.       Now select any expression you want for your avatar
7.       Then click on next

8.       Now select the cool accessories you want to use on your avatar
9.       Then click on done

10.   Now click on Save on Desktop (image will automatically start downloading in your computer)

After that upload and publish it on your Facebook wall/album or use it as your profile avatar

Dictionary For Your Web Browser

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
In this post I will help you in finding the meaning of any words while reading anything on your web browser. Few days back I posted about how to read article without getting distract from other things on page but there is another problem can come while reading you might need a dictionary. So you need to open a dictionary on your computer or you will search for it the definition on the web. Here is a simple solution by Google for their Google Chrome users, Google have officially made a Chrome Extension called Google Dictionary.

Here how you can use it.
1.       To get the Google Dictionary Chrome Extension Click here
2.       After downloading and installing it you will see a small icon (right side of your address bar)

3.        Now double click on any word of which you want to get the meaning of
4.       Then you will see a small popup with a small definition of that word

5.       And if the popup didn’t appear then click on the Google Dictionary icon

If you want to change the language option or popup button option

1.       Click on the Google Dictionary icon
2.       There you will see Extension Option written at the bottom of the popup

3.       Click  on it
4.       Now change the settings accordingly

Let me know what you think about this Google Dictionary extension.