Unhappy With SBI? Just Send A SMS

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine, but if you are not fine/happy due to SBI. Now you will.
In this post I will tell you about a SBI (State Bank of India) new SMS service. As SBI is the most trusted bank in India for more than 200 years. So they many customers also but all are not being happy with SBI. So to make all their customers happy they have bought a new UNHAPPY SMS service.

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You just you need to send a SMS to SBI “UNHAPPY” to “80082020202” (easy to remember also, isn’t it?). Now they will contact you and solve it instantly or in next 48 hours.
So what do you think, did your problem got solved do let us know about it.

7 thoughts on “Unhappy With SBI? Just Send A SMS”

  1. Sure Every body unhappy with SBI because most of staffs are rude in nature, They don't have manner. I have try for internet banking they only giving me internet access but did't gave me transduction authorization. While all private banks giving this authorization……

  2. Everyboby is unhappy with their service and staff..The staff doen't know what they are doing neither the bank knows the meaning of the terms used by the customers..Poor service..That bank is a torture for normal human beings…. Although i have internet banking i have to send the duly filled forms to them everytime i need to transfer or open an account…It takes weeks for them to work….They are lazy people on the earth….

  3. sbi bank very poor

    भारतीय स्टेट बैंक बहुत बेकार है State Bank of India is very bad

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