Reason Behind Facebook Similar Notifications Update

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After a week I am posting something because some technical problem came between my blog and Facebook so got busy in finding the solution but now the problem is solved. Thank You for your Support and Understanding. Today, in this post I am going to tell you Reason behind Facebook update in Notifications.

Facebook have updated there Notifications as you post something, comment on your friend’s post, like any post or so on, you start getting bunch of notifications in your Notifications. So Facebook made an update but do you know why they made this update?

They made this update because one day Mark Zuckerberg commented on one of his friend’s post and the next day Mark need to say sorry for that comment he made because after Mark’s comment he (on whose post mark commented) got hundreds of massages so he wall post where he wrote:
Last night Mark Zuckerberg commented on my status. This morning, hundreds of messages from angry Italians asking that we don't get rid of the "Like" button. How do other facebookers use this site?

So Mark Zuckerberg made changes in Notifications where you will see all the same smeller notifications as one notification.

Tweet Button For Your Web Browser

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In this post I am going to tell you how you can add tweet button in your web browser. As few days back I told you how you can add Twitter tweet button in your Blog, website and Google Chrome Browser. Now twitter has released tweet button for browser, where you just need to drag and drop a link in your browser’s bookmark bar (supports all major web browser).

Just drag and drop the below Tweet button in your web browser’s Bookmark bar.

And now whenever you visit a webpage, where you can’t find the tweet button to tweet, you can just use this bookmark tweet button to tweet. However this will also work as twitter tweet button works. When you will click on it a twitter pop-under window will appear by which you can tweet as you tweet using twitter tweet button in a webpage.

And if you didn’t liked this bookmark button then you can also use a Chrome extension by Shareaholic in Google Chrome. This also works as the Twitter tweet button works and it also shows how many tweets have been done in the following page.

How To Use Picnik Editor In Picasa

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In this post I am going to tell you about Google’s new update added in Picasa is an online photo editor Picnik. Google have integrated Picnik which is the best online image editor application. And now it is also available in desktop version in Picasa.

To edit your image in Picnik using Picasa:-
1.        Open the Picasa application in your computer or download it from
2.       Now find and select the image you want to edit
3.       Right click on the image (you want to edit)
4.       Click on View and Edit (shortcut key is Enter)
5.       Now in left-hand side you will see bunch of option in that you will see an option of Edit in Picnik under Basic Fixes tab
6.       Click on Edit in Picnik

7.       Now you will see they are asking you Would you like to edit a copy of this image in Picnik? If you don’t want they ask you every time you edit in Picnik then tick the box of Don’t ask me about the in future. , now click on Yes

8.       Now you will see its getting loading it might take little time to get load

After it get totally load up now you can enjoy editing your image using Picnik tools and after finishing editing you can save it in Picasa by clicking Save to Picasa button on the right-top of the window.

Or if you want to edit the image which is uploaded in your Picasa web album, then you need to go to that image page (in Picasa web album) you want to edit then above that image you will see an Edit drop-down click on it then you will see its written Edit in Picnik click on it and editor will start getting load in browser then start your editing. After editing get completed click on Save to my album on the top-right of the editor, it will get save in the following album (in the album of that image you were editing).

Note: 1. If you are editing image using Picnik then you need to have internet connected.
2. In this application (Picnik) all the editing tool is not for free to use most of the tool are chargeable, so you need to pay to use those tools.
3. If you are already editing something using Picnik in Picasa (both web and desktop) and if you try to edit one more image at the same time then you won’t be able to do it will show you the same image you are editing at that time with the same edited effects you have given in it, as because it works online so it don’t allow you to edit the same image at the same time.

Throw Your Angriness On Peter By Throwing Him Everywhere

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
In this post I am going to show you something intrusting. I got an interesting site for you all by Peter Craig, who made an interesting app where you will see a man (Peter Craig) and many balls with thorns all around. He asks you to throw him anywhere in screen but he hope that you all won’t let him get hurt. Here are the few screen shots I have taken for you all.

I didn’t get success in saving him. So, let’s see you all can get success or not also let me know how long you able to save him. Click here to go the site.

Contacts Groups which are hidden in Gmail

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Few days back I told you about how you can create and post in Google Buzz to certain people you want only to show. But in this post I will tell you how you can see the Certain Groups built-in Gmail by Google.

To know all your friends, relatives and coworkers in your GTalk or Gmail messenger go to

As you huge to see in the old version of Gmail Contacts “All Contact” option you can see that in new version also just by going to

There is also a hidden group for Google Latitude friends, which includes the people that can see your location in Google Latitude to see just go to

To get to know all the people you all are following in Google Buzz go to
These groups get auto updated by Google and this groups are hidden in Contacts so you won’t be able to send Mail of Google Buzz post to these groups. But you can select contacts in this group and can put them in other groups.

5 Movies on Social Sites

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In this post I am going to talk about movies are been made on social sites. You all must know the upcoming movie on Facebook “The Social Network” and “Catfish”. Now MySpace, twitter and YouTube is also not back at this.

Few users have made their own trailer of MySpace, twitter and YouTube. Here are the trailers and also the trailer of Facebook movie.

Trailer – 1

Trailer – 2

Facebook have updated there Notes application

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In this post I am going to tell you about Facebook Notes application. In new Notes application they have bought a new layout with a clean and easy-to-use left-hand side menu for intent access to your Friend’s Notes, Draft, Notes you are taged in and etc.

As in the previous version you need to know the few HTML tag to make the things bold, italic and etc. But in this version you don’t need to know the HTML tags. It is more like a normal text editor. If you want to use the HTML tags you can still able to use it but if you are thinking of copy-paste the HTML you made in notepad or some ware so you won’t be able to do so. The HTML tags will not get applied or show, you have to write all the things in there editor manually. You can tag the people or pages you want to tag with the following Note.

via In-Face-Book

Let us know what you think about the new Facebook Notes features by commenting below.