How To See Hidden Files And Folders Your Computer

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell you how you can hide, unhide and see the hidden files in your computer. I know many of you know about this, it is for those who don’t know and want to know. Two years back I huge too don’t know how I can see the hidden file in my computer but I know how to hide it, I hide my many files but didn’t know that how I now see them and every time I have call my brother to unhide them and he is also not telling me how he do and he don’t even do in front of me. But later on somehow I get to know how he do (don’t remember how I get to know) so now I am sharing it whit you how you can hide, unhide and see hidden files.

Image credit: FoxMulderVen

To hide any file(s) or folder(s)
1.       Go to the place where that file or folder is
2.       Right click on that file/folder icon
3.       Now select Properties

4.       Select General tab
5.       There you will at the bottom under Attributes called Hidden
6.       Select the box beside Hidden
7.       Click on OK button

Now that file/folder is hidden
To see any hidden files and folders
1.       Open My Computer
2.       See at the top in Menu bar
3.       Select Tools –> Folder option
4.       Now select View tab
5.       There you will see writer Hidden files and folders under Hidden files and folders
6.       Select Show hidden files, folders, and drives radio button
7.       Click on OK button

Now you can see all hidden files and folders in your computer. Hope this will help you in hiding your files and folders.

If you have any questions of problem do let me know.

ALERT: Be Careful From Hacker Pranav Jain

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine and safe from hackers.
Today in this post I will tell what I never thought I will be posting on but I have to so that what happed with I don’t want it to done with you all. There is a person who’s email ID is and tells his name Pranav Jain and in PayPal his email ID is and in PayPal his name is given as Alok Jain, PayPal info I got form TechPatio where he have made one more crime as freelance writer.

On 8th October i got his friend request on Facebook I don’t add people whom I don’t know but add very less people who is blogger so I added him as I show him in a blogger group. Probably once in a week or two he asks me something through Facebook chat. And from last two-three weeks he was trying to get my trust on him so he can trap me in his web (like spider web). He started with he want to open a site where people can create their own page using WordPress interface for free and they can put whatever they want. So he wanted me to help him financially in that site but I told I don’t think it’s a good idea as because there are many such site are available, anyhow if you still need my help I can give you server space from my HostGator a/c. But he rejected me by saying that he needs access to cPanel to make change in database whenever he wants. Then he told, he will search for a sponsors (for $200 :P) which he didn’t got. After when i asked him did he got any one to sponsor he told no and I dropped my that idea and thinking of something new and at that same time he told he want to show me something funny he made I told ok send me he gave me a link where he have hosted that file so when I downloaded it and run that file I got a popup saying Your computer is not supported so I told him about it after 10 min I got his reply saying try this (with one more link) again I downloaded and run that file got same popup saying your computer is not supported.

After one hour I got a popup saying logout and re-login to your Facebook account. When I show that popup I understood that this Pranav Jain have done something in my PC by sending me that file. But thanks a lot to Akshay Aggarwal (one more blogger friend) who is the author of Screamable and Gadgets n More to help me out from this virus on my PC. Now because of file which Pranav Jain sent to me he got full access on my PC and can see anything and actually it was not virus it was a RAT (Akshay told me) that’s why my anti-virus couldn’t able to catch it and I haven’t installed Firewall on my PC which can alert me.

So Akshay and my suggestion for you all is use good antivirus and should have Firewall installed in PC and if possible you can also use antispyware. You can use Kaspersky Total Security
or BitDefender Total Security both provides all the three things. And one more thing don’t add people you don’t know as I told before also and now see I only got in that trap, so be very careful.
Do share this post with your each and everyone, so everyone know about it and can be careful from him…

All About Adobe Reader X (10) (More Security, Sticky Notes, Share Files And More)

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell you how you can share files using Adobe Reader X. Adobe finally released their new version of Adobe Reader X (10) most wanted software for PDF files. Here are the some features of the latest version of Adobe Reader X (10)

1.       Batter security from Bad PDF files which can harm or steal your personal details

2.       Make comment and stick note on documents

3.       Read Mode option which give you a simple view to read files

4.       Share any type (almost any type) files with your friends, colleagues, family members and etc which work on Adobe SendNow platform. It have basically all the same thing which SendNow web platform have. To know more about SendNow Click here

More About Protection and Security

Click here to download Adobe Reader X (10)

Find Out Who Is Online Or Invisible On GTalk

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell you how you can track whether your Gtalk friend is invisible or offline. Google have an option of being in invisible mode using Gmail but if you are using Gtalk you won’t be able to get invisible. However follow the following steps to know whether your friend is invisible of offline.

Image credit: louisvolant

1.       Open your Gtalk
2.       Now open the chat box of the friend you want to check the status of
3.       Now click on the drop-down arrow and select Go off the record

4.       Now send a message
5.       If you get something in red ( is offline and can’t receive messages right now.) that means your friend is offline.

6.       If you didn’t got any massage in red that means your friend is in invisible mood

When you select the option Go off the record that means from now when you will send any massage or chat whit that person, your and that persons massages both will not get save in both of your ID. This change is permanent till you want.
And if you want to save the chat then again click on that drop-down and select Stop chatting off the record now all your chat will get save in both of your ID, you and your friend’s ID.

Now enjoy it and catch your friend if he/she is trying to hide from you. 😛

Contacts Groups which are hidden in Gmail

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Few days back I told you about how you can create and post in Google Buzz to certain people you want only to show. But in this post I will tell you how you can see the Certain Groups built-in Gmail by Google.

To know all your friends, relatives and coworkers in your GTalk or Gmail messenger go to

As you huge to see in the old version of Gmail Contacts “All Contact” option you can see that in new version also just by going to

There is also a hidden group for Google Latitude friends, which includes the people that can see your location in Google Latitude to see just go to

To get to know all the people you all are following in Google Buzz go to
These groups get auto updated by Google and this groups are hidden in Contacts so you won’t be able to send Mail of Google Buzz post to these groups. But you can select contacts in this group and can put them in other groups.