How To Appear Online Or Offline On Facebook Chat To Specific People

Yesterday night one of my Facebook friend, Harsh (who is an author of couple of bestseller books in India) got online for few minutes on Facebook chat and within seconds got more than 40 pings (chat request), Continue reading How To Appear Online Or Offline On Facebook Chat To Specific People

How To Use Google Talk Badge In Your Blog Or Website

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell you how you can use Google Talk badge in your blog or website. Google Talk badge is a good way to connect and interact with your readers/visitors on your blog or website. And they great thing about this is your readers/visitors don’t need to sign-up or sign-in anywhere, they will just click on the badge and start chatting with you. You can also use it as online support for the products and services you provide.

Here how you can get Google talk Badge
2.       Login to the account which you want to use for badge
3.       There you will see a box which your Google Talk Badge
4.       Then click on Edit

5.       Now do the settings of your badge, how you want your badge
6.       After you make the setting as you want click on Update badge button (when you will click on Update badge button the preview will also update to show how your badge will look)

7.       Now copy the code from bottom of that page and past it where ever you want to put your badge.
Whatever your status (Available, Busy, Idle, Invisible and Offline) will be in your GTalk it will show the same status in your badge. But visitors will only able to talk to you when your status will be Available.

Whenever a visitor will click on that badge to chat with you a popup chat will automatically open to show that someone wants to talk to you and you can make a first step with a Hello!, your name or such before that visitor do. And Note that none of your chat with your visitors will get save.

Hope this will help you to interact with your readers and visitors.

Do tell us how you use it and what your experience with it was.

Download Yahoo! Messenger 11 BETA

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Finally my project is completed and gone good, now just waiting for an online exam which can be held within two weeks and thanks to all of you for your wishes and your patience for my irregular update on my blog. Anyways, today in this post I will tell you about Yahoo! Messenger 11 BETA. Yahoo! have came up with a new messenger, with lots for great new features that can help you in staying connected with your favorite Social Network.

Here are some features of new Yahoo! messenger 11 BETA
1.       Play Social games: – Now you can play many social games from Zynga, OMGPOP and ELEX.
From Zynga you can play Fishville and Mafia Wars
From OMGPOP you can play Balloono, Pool, Draw My Thing
From Elex you can play Happy Harvest and Happy Manor
2.       Keep Yourself Updated: – Now you can get access to your Yahoo! Pulse, Facebook, Twitter and many more.
3.       Facebook Chat:- You can now chat with your Facebook friends right from Yahoo! messenger 11
4.       Access From Multiple PC:- Now you can sign-in to your Yahoo ID from more than one PC, as before you can’t sign-in to Yahoo! from more than one PC (personally I liked that thing as because if someone got to know my Yahoo! password then I could able to get to know that someone is opening my A/C)
5.       Chat Archive:- now your chat with your friends will get save online as before all the chats we do get save on our PC (I was wishing for this feature in Yahoo! Messenger 10)

To download Yahoo! Messenger 11 BETA Click here.

Request For Facebook New Messages Invitation

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Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will help you in getting Facebook New Messaging service. Facebook have announced about the new messaging service. There were rumors about it that it can be a Gmail, Yahoo mail killer. But as Mark Zuckerberg said it is not a Gmail, Yahoo mail killer. It brings all your massages, chat, mails all at one place.

But there is a sad news is that you won’t get access till you don’t get invited by your friends (if they have got access to it) or from Facebook itself. so if you want to get invited by Facebook soon so follow the following steps.

1.       Go to Facebook New Messages page(
2.       Then click on Request an Invitation button at the bottom-right corner of the page

3.       Now wait till Facebook sends you an invitation
4.       Or if any of your friends is using the New Facebook Messages then you can ask them to send you one.

When you get access to The New Messages let us know what you think about it.

Find Out Who Is Online Or Invisible On GTalk

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell you how you can track whether your Gtalk friend is invisible or offline. Google have an option of being in invisible mode using Gmail but if you are using Gtalk you won’t be able to get invisible. However follow the following steps to know whether your friend is invisible of offline.

Image credit: louisvolant

1.       Open your Gtalk
2.       Now open the chat box of the friend you want to check the status of
3.       Now click on the drop-down arrow and select Go off the record

4.       Now send a message
5.       If you get something in red ( is offline and can’t receive messages right now.) that means your friend is offline.

6.       If you didn’t got any massage in red that means your friend is in invisible mood

When you select the option Go off the record that means from now when you will send any massage or chat whit that person, your and that persons massages both will not get save in both of your ID. This change is permanent till you want.
And if you want to save the chat then again click on that drop-down and select Stop chatting off the record now all your chat will get save in both of your ID, you and your friend’s ID.

Now enjoy it and catch your friend if he/she is trying to hide from you. 😛