Wish You All Happy Gandhi Jayanti With This Gandhi Rap Song

Hi! Everyone, wish you all a very Happy Gandhi Jayanti.
Today in 2nd October, Gandhi Jayanti (Gandhiji’s birthday), this is his 142nd birth anniversary. I found a video on him which is a Presentation on Gandhiji’s Life with Gandhi rap sung by MC Yogi, you will find its lyrics below the video Continue reading Wish You All Happy Gandhi Jayanti With This Gandhi Rap Song

Solution For Aero Video Card Driver Error

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell how you can solve your error with Aero effect in Windows 7. Aero effect in Windows 7 gives you translucent glass design with subtle window animations and new window colors. It distinctive visual style combines the appearance of lightweight, translucent windows with powerful graphic advances Continue reading Solution For Aero Video Card Driver Error

Completed Six Months Of My Blogging

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.

Today my blog have completed its six months, I have started blogging on 16th July 2010 and after six month I have moved most of my blogs (Jajodia-Saket, In-Face-Book, In-Google-Me and Info-Graphic) to WordPress, also started one new blog on Google-Chrome and a Bulk SMS service. I really like to thank to all my readers, non-readers, visitors, non-visitors, friends, family and one more person (can’t tell the name) for supporting me. And also I really would like to thank few of my blogger friends Akshay (author of Screamable), Jose (author of Tech Junoon), Navjot (author of Hope To Earn) and Shiva (author of Netchunks) (name are written in alphabetically) who helped me in moving from Blogger to WordPress.

Albert Einstein Teaching

I really had a great experience in the world of Blogging, also I really enjoyed it. Because of blogging my studies got little harmed but although in front of what I got from blogging is nothing harmed.

    If you want to write guest posts on any of my following blogs just submit your content for review

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    Here are the few things you should concern about before writing for my blogs

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You must be thinking what you will get by writing on my blogs. We will give a line about you with your blog link before and after your content. You will able to place your AdSense ads before and after your content, in case if you don’t have an Google AdSense account now instead of your ads default ads will be shown, whenever you will get your Google AdSense account you can place your ads at that very point of time.

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How To Block And Unblock Someone On Facebook

Cross Post with In-Face-Book

Today in this post I will tell you how you can block and unblock someone on Facebook. Few days back someone close to me blocked me on Facebook I am really feeling very sad and really wanted that person to remove that block. So I have made this post so if that person (or anyone of Facebook) doesn’t know how he/she (you) can remove so please read this and remove it. In Facebook many people want to block someone but don’t know how they can and even there are people who have blocked someone in angry and now want to unblock them but don’t know how so here is a way how you can block and unblock anyone on Facebook.

How you can block someone
1.       Go to Facebook.com
2.       Login to your account
3.       Now go to the profile which you want to block
4.       Scroll down and in the left hand side column you will see written Report/Block This Person
5.       Click on it (Report/Block This Person)
6.       Now select Block this person box
7.       Then click on Submit button

Now that profile is block now that person with that profile can’t contact you through Facebook, can’t view your profile, it’s like for that profile your profile don’t exist anymore and also if you that persion is added in your friend list will get deleted. Same applies for you (who have blocked).Till you don’t remove it from block list.

Hope no one required to use this (How you can block someone) and hope who ever got block till now get unblock.

Here how you can remove someone from block list
1.       Go to Facebook.com
2.       Login to your account
3.       Now go to Account (top-right corner) –> Privacy Settings

4.       There at the middle-bottom of the page you will see written “Block Lists Edit your lists of blocked people and apps.
5.       Click on Edit your lists
6.       Now search for the name you have blocked and want to unblock under Block users
7.       Beside that name you will see written Unblock click on it
8.       Then click on Conform button

Once you blocked someone that person get remove from your friend list so you have to resend the Add as Friends request. Hope now whoever is block now will get unblock.

ALERT: Be Careful From Hacker Pranav Jain

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine and safe from hackers.
Today in this post I will tell what I never thought I will be posting on but I have to so that what happed with I don’t want it to done with you all. There is a person who’s email ID is pranavalwar@gmail.com and tells his name Pranav Jain and in PayPal his email ID is pranavalw@yahoo.com and in PayPal his name is given as Alok Jain, PayPal info I got form TechPatio where he have made one more crime as freelance writer.

On 8th October i got his friend request on Facebook I don’t add people whom I don’t know but add very less people who is blogger so I added him as I show him in a blogger group. Probably once in a week or two he asks me something through Facebook chat. And from last two-three weeks he was trying to get my trust on him so he can trap me in his web (like spider web). He started with he want to open a site where people can create their own page using WordPress interface for free and they can put whatever they want. So he wanted me to help him financially in that site but I told I don’t think it’s a good idea as because there are many such site are available, anyhow if you still need my help I can give you server space from my HostGator a/c. But he rejected me by saying that he needs access to cPanel to make change in database whenever he wants. Then he told, he will search for a sponsors (for $200 :P) which he didn’t got. After when i asked him did he got any one to sponsor he told no and I dropped my that idea and thinking of something new and at that same time he told he want to show me something funny he made I told ok send me he gave me a link where he have hosted that file so when I downloaded it and run that file I got a popup saying Your computer is not supported so I told him about it after 10 min I got his reply saying try this (with one more link) again I downloaded and run that file got same popup saying your computer is not supported.

After one hour I got a popup saying logout and re-login to your Facebook account. When I show that popup I understood that this Pranav Jain have done something in my PC by sending me that file. But thanks a lot to Akshay Aggarwal (one more blogger friend) who is the author of Screamable and Gadgets n More to help me out from this virus on my PC. Now because of file which Pranav Jain sent to me he got full access on my PC and can see anything and actually it was not virus it was a RAT (Akshay told me) that’s why my anti-virus couldn’t able to catch it and I haven’t installed Firewall on my PC which can alert me.

So Akshay and my suggestion for you all is use good antivirus and should have Firewall installed in PC and if possible you can also use antispyware. You can use Kaspersky Total Security
or BitDefender Total Security both provides all the three things. And one more thing don’t add people you don’t know as I told before also and now see I only got in that trap, so be very careful.
Do share this post with your each and everyone, so everyone know about it and can be careful from him…