OhLife Helps You To Write Your Personal Diary Regularly And Keep It Secret

If you are a type of person who everyday writes about yourself, your daily experience, how your whole gone in your private diary, just to keep your memories alive. But once your personal diary found by someone else, all your secretes, your personal memory will be revealed with/by that person.

Or if you are a kind of blogger who writes about yourself and share your experience, memories and secretes with the world in your personal blog but sometimes you might just want write some of your experience, memories and secretes which don’t want to share it with anyone else, just want to keep it with yourself.

OhLife - Write in private about your life

Then there is an online app called OhLife, which will send you a daily email at the end of the day asking you “How’s your day going?” and you simply just need to reply to that email telling about your day, your experience of that day, memories from that day or whatever you want to tell.

It is not necessary that you have to write everything about your day. It’s up to you, what you want to write, it can be only of one line or it can be of 100 lines. In case if you want you can also attach one picture from your day with your email.

All you need to do is go to OhLife.com, enter your email address, click on Get Started! Button and then it will ask you to enter your new password by which you will able to login. As you give your email address, you will receive your first email from them asking you about your day. And from next day you will start receiving email daily at the end of the day asking you the same.

It will not be accessible by anyone apart from you. You can set the time at which you would like to receive your daily email asking about your day, how frequently you want to receive and if you want that email to contain any random entry from past which you have sent. If you ever think you don’t want to continue with their service you can always delete your account from settings page.

You can always browse, create, edit and delete your entry from their website. You can export any of your entry in txt format, you will get the option on right column.

I think it is the one best app to write personal diary as it will be not accessible by anyone and they send you a daily email asking us about our day so we can easily get habit of writing it.