Share Your Secret Message With The One You Are Not Able To Say It Directly

Is there anything you want to say it to someone but you are afraid of saying it to them directly? For instance you have crush on someone and want to say it to that person but afraid of saying it directly or you hate your boss and you want to say it to him/her but can’t it on their face.

So you can whisper it to them via Whispero. Whispero is an online app where you can type your message privately and anonymously, there you don’t have to sign-up or give your any kind of information (like, your email address, name, phone number, etc.).

Shhh, don't tell..!! - Laurel and Hardy

All you need to do is, go to, type your whisper (at top-right corner, it should be unique, short and simple, e.g.: For Saket), then click on Whisper button, now if that wasn’t already created by someone before then you will be asked to create your whisper by entering your message and you can also add/upload an image up to 3MB in file size and then Save Whisper.

After you created your Whisper, now how your special someone or your boss will able to view it? Let me help you in this also, they just need to know that they have to go to and type your unique, short and simple whisper (e.g.: For Saket), after they will type it they will able to view your message and image in it and they will also able to reply to your Whisper below your Whisper only.

Here are ways by which you can share your Whisper

  • Actually whisper the whisper into someone’s ear
  • Whisper it onto someone’s voice mail
  • Pass it on electronically in the form: whisper = “your whisper goes here”
  • Use the tweet button on any whisper to share it in the form: whisper = “your whisper goes here”
  • Print the QR code from any whisper, post it, stick it, give it to someone, leave it somewhere
  • Scan the QR code using an app on your phone and forward it electronically
  • Shout it across the street

Whisper doesn’t last long so after few days your whisper will get disappear, you can view the countdown at right side of your whisper. You can not directly link to your Whisper else your message will not appear.

They have a really nice video created, I really liked a lot, so sharing it here with all of you.

via SiteToUse.