Use iClippy To Share Screenshot In Gmail, Google Docs And On Other Desktop/Web Apps

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Today in this post I will tell you about iClippy. iClippy is a desktop application which lets you take screenshot of anything on your computer screen. When you want to share any screenshot with your friends and family what you do first you take a Print Screen of your screen then save it in your computer then upload it on internet and then share it with your friends but using iClippy,

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You can take screenshot of the portion of the screen you want to share (not necessary need to take full screen) and just paste it directly to your email account, desktop/web applications, blog, Google Docs, etc.

When you capture a screenshot you just need to past that image wherever you want, as you capture that image get stored online on iClippy website where some amount is offered to you to store that images so that you can increase your workflow.

If you are having problem in viewing the videos Click here.

They also have OCR feature by which you can extract text from any image. However when I tried to use it I waited for 15 minutes so I can get my text but it didn’t worked for me on Windows 7 otherwise it was one of the useful features.

If you want to see the entire image you have saved you can see in your iClippy software or by going to iClippy’s website in My Clipboard section. If you have any question or problem let me know.

Note: – To use this software you need a Google account.

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