Share Files Online With Simple Drag And Drop Using Minus

There are many file sharing website which lets you share files online for free and recently some of them got shutdown due to Copyrights issues but everyday such new websites opens so like that there is another files sharing website with a lot more features than what other provides, it is called Minus. or is a files sharing website which simply lets you share any kind of file with a drag and drop. Yes, all you need to do is drag your file from your computer and drop it into Minus’ website and instantly it will start getting upload and they will provide you a unique URL (or you can also call it folder) which you can share with anyone you want.

minus - Upload and share your files instantly

You will able to upload multiple files at once or you can add them one by one from different-different folders of your computer. You will able to add 2GB of each file, 300 files in each folder (number increase frequently) and you can create unlimited number of folders. You can drag and drop files to any page of minus’ website to upload those file on their website in a new folder.

You can make your Minus’ folder public or private, in public it will be visible in your profile and in private it will be only accessible by the people who have that unique URL (Minus’ private option is similar to YouTube Unlisted option, which you will get under Privacy settings of our video).

Edit title, add tags and description (by commenting) to your files and folder. Arrange all the files in your folder according to your need. You can also create costume URL for your folder instead of using that unmemorable URL, so it can be easy to remember and share.

You will able to share files directly to different social networking website by clicking on the respective social button or send files via email to multiple people at once by giving their email address at the bottom of the file page(in Linear mode).

You can preview files in List, Grid (Thumbnail) and Linear (Full browser window) mode. Minus also supports file viewer, you can view (images, PDF, Office Documents, text files, audio, video, etc.) files before download them into your computer and it lets you embed them on your website. For instance if you want to show/embed any PDF document or want to add any MP3 file with player on your blog post or webpage then embed them by copying the embed code given in the file page (in Linear mode).

It will show you how many times each file has been viewed and logged in users can post comments on any file. For instance you designed a webpage, uploaded it to minus, now you can ask people to leave their comments/feedback about that design in minus page itself, so everyone can view each-other’s comments and share their views accordingly.

In case you want to remove any folder or any particular file you can delete them anytime but make sure you haven’t deleted your web browser cookies after uploading your file or you have uploaded befor you have logged into your account in minus.

Note: – If you upload your files to minus without login to your account (as guest) then your files will get deleted after 30 days from upload.