Multiple Users Can Share Files With One Link Using

Hi! Everyone, hop eyou all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell you how you can share many files with one link easily. If you are working on a project with some people who live different corner of the country and you all are working on many different files. So what you all will do, upload it to some file sharing server and then send the URL to your friends and colleagues every time you upload a new file.

Or a better way is to use Boxify is an online service that lets you upload files to their server. Just not only that it lets you upload as many files you want and as many people wants to upload in one link. - simple file-sharing for groups

So if you and your colleagues are working on a project then someone in that group will create a Boxify link, he/she will share that link to everyone in group, now everyone in that group can upload as many files they want in that link and everyone who know that link can access to that files.

You can also get an easy to remember URL by renaming it from top (after you create a link).

Here is an example URL where so many people have uploaded there files. After every file name it will mention the time when that file got uploaded so it can be easy to find any particular file.

They should also add a separate search box for each URL so that files can be easily searched if there are 100s of files in one URL.

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