How To Share Files (With P2P) Online Without Uploading To Any Server

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell you how you can share your files and folder online. When we need to share any file instantly with our friends or colleague, we have to attach and send files via email or upload to your DropBox public folder or upload to any online file sharing website. By these ways we need to upload our file to an online server and then share it with our friends or colleague, so that it can get downloaded later, but not anymore.

Recently a new service is launched called Folders.IO where you don’t need to upload files to any server, you just simply select the files and folders you want to share and share the unique URL by which your friends can download it. It lets you do P2P file sharing.


Just go to their website, drag-and-drop files or folder you want to share or you can also use add file or folder button to upload, then click on start serving, now you will get a unique URL which you will need to share with your friends and from there they can copy the file from your computer.

You will able to email link to your friend without leavening Folders.IO website or logging to your email account, share it on Facebook or Twitter and you also get a QR Code to transfer file to smart phones.

Folder.IO - Your Files Can Be Accessed Through This Link

You can allow others to upload files to your computer. You simply need to check Allow others to upload files to this computer box below unique URL and when anyone will upload file from that URL, it will automatically start getting downloaded in your computer.

Folders.IO - Upload Files

You can upload file of any size you want, but you will only able to transfer files up to 500MB in size per unique link or you can sign-up for free to get up to 1GB transfer quote per URL or you can upgrade to premium account to get 10GB, 20GB and 100GB transfer quote per URL. You will also get an option to signup using Facebook account but at the time of writing this article it wasn’t working.

You will get to know which file is currently getting download, from which IP address which file have got downloaded and when, you can stop the transfer anytime in between by clicking on cross button, they will able to view (supported) files without downloading.

Folders.IO - Stop File Transfer In Between

To view files click on the magnify glass icon Magnify Glass Icon in front of file name in the list and it will show you as image light-box. At the time of writing it only supported image format as file viewer.

Folders.IO File (Image) Viewer

They also have Google Chrome App which only create link their website on new tab apps page and nothing else.