How To Increase Your Internet Speed (Browse Web Faster) With DNS

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Today in this post I will tell you how you can increase your internet speed with DNS. Every computer has their own IP address by which they can interact with another computer or web server. IP address is made from combinations numbers. For computers, IP address are easy to understand and remember but human brains are not good at that, so for humans we have website address like,,, etc. which is easy for us to remember.

Now that’s where DNS server take place, DNS a.k.a. Domain Name System. When we open a website our computer sends a request to DNS server and it convert the human-friendly web address (e.g.: to computer-friendly IP address (e.g.: Once it done computer open that website for you.

Faster Internet Speed

Every ISP (Internet Service Provider) provide DNS server but most of them are very slow which increases loading time of a website. So to solve this problem there few DNS service provider (like: OpenDNS and Google DNS) which speedup our internet speed and resolve few other problems without installing anything or paying any kind of cost.


DNS provided by your ISP generally don’t have cache all IP address, if they don’t find IP address on one DNS server they send request to another server and so. Most of the time there DNS server take a lot time to response. Don’t filter your request of malware websites.


OpenDNS have cache all IP address of all websites, they don’t need to send request to another server. There server response time is very fast.

They don’t let you open any malware websites which can harm your computer. Of you computer got any virus, malware, etc. which send your date to someone else online then OpenDNS won’t let that malware connect with their server.

It will correct your typos, for instance if you type wikipedia.or, it will automatically redirect you to (may not work with browsers which have inbuilt search engine a.k.a. omnibox, e.g.: Google Chrome).

All you need to do is configure your DNS on your computer or router with below addresses.

Using OpenDNS FamilyShield you can easily block content which are NSFW with below addresses.


GoogleDNS also provides almost everything what OpenDNS provide, there are few things which GoogleDNS not provide but OpenDNS do for instance GoogleDNS won’t correct your typos. But GoogleDNS is also worth using, here are the addresses of GoogleDNS to configure.

After you configure your OpenDNS or GoogleDNS, open your CMD dialog box and type ipconfig/flushdns, it will clear all your DNS cache from your computer. To open CMD dialog box press Windows key + R, type CMD and press Enter or OK button.

CMD dialog box - flushdns

Image credit: hericarbonell