Opera Unite, Turns Your Computer Into An Online Web Server For Free

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Today in this post I will tell you about Opera Unite. When we want to share any files with our friends or family who stay far from you, how you send? First search for some service that lets you share files (like: Ge.tt, Adobe SendNow, Torrent, DropBox, etc.), then you need to upload your files to their server and you can able to share that file. But there is better option called Opera Unite.

Opera Unite, The web you know just reinvented
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Opera Unite is a web server within your Opera web browser. Using Opera Unite you will able to share files, photos, stream music, messenger, host your own website and share notes all for free. Simply download and install Opera web browser in your computer and from left panel, click on Unite, select the application you want to use, signin or signup for an account and start sharing.

Share directly with Opera Unite
If you are having problem in viewing the videos click on the above image.

The data you will share using Opera Unite will be not stored to any Opera server, when your computer is ON, connected to internet and Opera application is running then only anyone will able to download or access to any data otherwise they won’t be able to.

You can get many more application at Unite.Opera.com other than those six pre-installed apps.

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