How You Should Change Your Twitter Handle (Username) Without Losing Any Followers And Tweets

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell you how you should change your Twitter username (handle). If you are looking forward to change your company name or your old twitter handle (username or ID) doesn’t suits on you anymore or when you started using Twitter you made a long twitter handle now you want a short one.

So you must be thinking of changing it, changing Twitter handle is not hard to do, simply go to Twitter settings page and change your username with your desire one (if it is available). And Twitter will do it without losing any of your followers, tweets, account settings, etc. but doing so you may lose your new followers.

Old Twitter Handle To New Twitter Handle

This is how:

When you change your Twitter handle, search engine doesn’t know that you have changed your Twitter handle and it take time for them to crawl your new handle. And those who know you from your old Twitter handle they may also land on your old Twitter profile (handle) which will return (404) error “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!”


As you change your Twitter username and save the settings, your old username is now free for anyone to use. So you to be fast and claim your old handle before anyone else do.


Simply first change your Twitter handle

  1. Go to and login to your account
  2. Now go to Settings page
  3. Click on Account tab
  4. From there change your Username with your desired one
  5. Then click on Save button (at bottom of the page)

Now quickly logout from your Twitter account and signup for a new account with your old username, if you are using Gmail for your free email service then you can use your same email address using this trick. If you are using Google Chrome then you can use their incognito to sign-up for new account, so you will not be needed waste time to sign-out from Twitter.

Now after you created your new account with old handle, in profile bio you can give “This profile is moved, so kind follow @NewHandle instead.” you can also leave one tweet in new profile with same text. So now if anyone visit your old twitter handle (new profile), they will get notified with that massage and will follow on your new profile.

In reply to Shubham:

I have a really long twitter username and thinking to change it, anything which I should keep in Mind ?