How To Copy, Edit And Share Webpages Online With

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell you how you can archive any webpage. There are many online service like Web2PDF, CopyTo, ToRead, etc. which lets you save and archive webpage. But none of them can copy the entire webpage as it originally appears online in your web browser. You can also save webpage in your computer but sometimes it happen that it doesn’t appear exactly, as it appear when we view them online and you also won’t be able to access them from anywhere-anytime you want.

BO.LT - A more interesting way to share

So to solve these problems, there is a solution for you called They let you Copy, Share and Edit WebPages as you want. Simply enter the URL which you would like to have a copy of and within seconds you will get the exact copy of that page. After it get copied you can edit that page as you want, they let you edit it in rich-text and even in HTML, you will also able to change, add, move or remove any text, images, as well as you will also able to change (or upload) background image.

You can sign-up for an account and make your own web archive. After you logged in to your account and added a webpage, you will able to edit, share or download them anytime you want. You will able to download the entire page from their website and it will appear exactly well formatted as it was appearing online.

It will also give you little stats about it, like how many times it have been viewed, from where visitors are coming, how long will it take to open, etc. To speed up the loading time of the saved page they also let you compress images and codes.

If your designer made a web design for you (in HTML) and you want to tell your designer you need these things changed or you would like few things changed from few reference site so you can simply save that page in and make change as you want, without knowing any HTML, CSS, PHP, etc. and then share that edited page with your designer so that he can work on it further.

To let you save webpage easily they have bookmarklet for your web browser or if you use Google Chrome web browser then you can install extension or simply add BO.LT/ just before the URL you would like to save, e.g.: if you would like to save homepage of then simply add BO.LT/ and it will look something like this BO.LT/