How To Identify Fonts Name From Text Inside An Image With WhatFontIs

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell you how you can identify fonts from an image file. If you are a designer then you must always be in search for attractive, creative and beautiful fonts. And most of them you able to find them used in a webpage, ads, images, posters, etc. If that font is used in a webpage then it won’t be hard to find the name of the font but if it is used in any images, animations or videos then it can be hard to know the name of that font which is used there.


So to make your work easy there is a tool called WhatFontIs, it will let you search font name from the image where it is used. You can simply upload or give the image URL, identify the characters, select whether you would like to have results of fonts which are free to use, commercial use or mixture of both and then it will show you can top 100 matching fonts with your images.

However for the best results use images that has

  • The text must be horizontal
  • The letters must not be touching
  • The resolution for the letter must be over 80 pixels for best results
  • The background color must be lighter than the characters color
  • Maxim number of characters is 10
  • Minim number of characters is 2
  • Try to make the image Grayscale
  • Best resolution 1000px X 120px
  • Use JPEG, JPG, GIF or PNG format images