Use Image To Search Search Similar And More Sizes Of An Image With TinEye

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Today in this post I will tell you about TinEye. When you are looking for an image that you already have in your computer but the image you have in your computer is a small size of image and you wanted a big size of that image how will you search for it on internet? By trying to describe that image to search engine (like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) in as mush less text you can describe in. Then when you got any size of that image in search engine if you are using Google to search then you can use Google Similar Image search and it will give you more size of that image.

TinEye logo

But TinEye have changed the way you search images from your computer now you can search images by upload an image or by giving the URL of that image you are searching for. If know about Google Googles it is something like that. It will scan the image you have given to it and then it will search for the same image in there service where they have more than 1.9532 billion indexed images. It uses Idée technology to search images.

After you got the result you can match each image results with the original image that you have given to it. I have tried to search with many images and it did work with some of them and most of them got no results found because they have very less amount of images indexed. And sometimes it did give me the results but those images are not same image but some portion of that image matches with the image I have given.

For instance I have used a small image of a Shahrukh Khan with the logo of Nokia and Kolkata Knight Riders and they have given me four results which have the logo of Nokia but no results which have Shahrukh Khan or Kolkata Knight Riders logo.

Nokia's logo results in TinEye

I did so much search that I have crossed there daily search limit of 50 in one day. But in those 50 searches I have got 20 searches which contain some results.

However I found this a very nice service, you can also use it to find who is using your images for instance if you are a photographer or designer and want to see how many people on internet have used your images, you can use the service to search them but it may not give you all the link where your images have been used because of their less amount of indexed images. If you have any question or problem let me know.

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