Open Your Google Search Results Always In A New Tab Or Window

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell you how you can open Google search results in new tab or window. All of you use some search engine for you quires and most of you use Google to search your quires.

Open Search Results In New Tab Or Window

When you click on any search result it always open in same window and when that result don’t give your answer, you are looking for then again you need to click on back button go to back to search results to see other search results. So to save your time in clicking on back button and page load time you can open link in a new tab/window without doing right-click work.

To do so go to then click on Settings –> Search settings (top-right corner) or go to, now in Global Preferences scroll down to Results Window and select the Open search results in a new browser window. box.

Now whenever you will go to through search results in Google it will always open in a new tab/window.

Note: – Your cookie settings should not be dibble and whenever you will clear your cookies you need to reset this setting in Google Preferences.

8 thoughts on “Open Your Google Search Results Always In A New Tab Or Window”

  1. Good. Useful one.

    Before this, I would be going on right clicking on the results and then select ‘Open in new tab/window’. This tip would help me save time..:)

  2. One small problem. The only option in Google preferences is to open the search results in a new WINDOW, not in a new TAB.
    I realise that the right click menu gives this option but it would be nice to be able to left click, as usual, and get the result in a new TAB every time (within the same window, not a new window).
    Do you have any idea how this can be done?

  3. It doesn’t in mine. I have always used this option in Google.Com and it opens a new Window every time, not a new Tab. I have IE8 and both WinXP and Win7 but always the same result – a new Window.
    (Maybe there is some other option in IE8 that effects the result?)
    Thanks anyway.

    1. Even for me its opening in new window..
      You can press <strong>Ctrl</strong> button while clicking on any link.. That link will always open in a new tab.. 🙂

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