Open Your Google Search Results Always In A New Tab Or Window

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell you how you can open Google search results in new tab or window. All of you use some search engine for you quires and most of you use Google to search your quires.

Open Search Results In New Tab Or Window

When you click on any search result it always open in same window and when that result don’t give your answer, you are looking for then again you need to click on back button go to back to search results to see other search results. So to save your time in clicking on back button and page load time you can open link in a new tab/window without doing right-click work.

To do so go to then click on Settings –> Search settings (top-right corner) or go to, now in Global Preferences scroll down to Results Window and select the Open search results in a new browser window. box.

Now whenever you will go to through search results in Google it will always open in a new tab/window.

Note: – Your cookie settings should not be dibble and whenever you will clear your cookies you need to reset this setting in Google Preferences.

Get Warrning Before Closing Multiple Tabs At A Time

Cross Post With Google-Chrome

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell you how you can stop your browser by closing multiple tabs at a time. All of you must be using latest versions of web browser in which now a days have tab feature instead of opening each webpage in a new separate window you can open as many web pages in one window in separate tab. But not like FireFox and Internet Explorer, Google Chrome will not alert you when you are going to close multiple tabs at time. If by mistake you closed the main window of Google Chrome then all your tabs will also get closed and you will lost all your work. So here is an extension by which can warn you before closing multiple tabs at a time.

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Go to there click on Install button, now the extension is install in your computer, whenever you are going to close multiple tabs at a time it will prompt a massage asking you if you want to close all tabs.

You can make the settings according to you, when and how alert should appear

  1. Click on Customize and control Google Chrome button (at the top-right side of the window)
  2. The go to Tools –> Extensions
  3. Customize And Control Google Chrome -- Tools -- Extensions

  4. Then click on Options under Window Close Protector extension
  5. Options Under Window Close Protector Extension

  6. Now choose the settings according to you
  7. After you set the settings according to your click on Save button
  8. Save button

Hope now this will help you when you accidently close all your tabs

Thanks to @labnol for the tip.