How To Embed Fonts In Microsoft Office Documents

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Today in this post I will tell you how you can embed fonts in your Office document. When you send any Office document to your friends, family or colleague where you have used some decorative fonts but when they received that Office document and try to open it they couldn’t able to see any decorative fonts, instead of that some default not so good fonts.

So the solution is you zip those font’s files with that document which you have used in that document. Then can install that font in your computer and then they view that file with those decorative fonts.

Or another solution is you can embed those fonts in your document and it will increase your file size. To embed simply open the document in which you want to embed, then go to Options –> Save, from there enable Embed fonts in the file and then you need to enable one more option called Embed only the characters used in the document (to help you in reducing the document file size).

Options -- Save -- Embed fonts in the file

It will effect for that particular document, if you want to apple this embed option for all your document then change Preserve fidelity when sharing this document to All New Documents. Now in future whenever you will create a new document it will embed new fonts.

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