How To Take Backup (Cache) Of Any Webpage With BackUpURL

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell you how you can backup any webpage online. As we all know on internet everything is dynamic and it can get change anytime. If you want your friend to read something on a webpage and send him a massage with that page link so when he comes online by the time he see that what you where telling him to read on that page is now no more there.


Now that you haven’t thought of, so from next time when you read something and want to share it with your friend you would like to take backup 1st, how? Using BackUpURL, when you will enter any URL in BackUpURL it will cache that webpage forever on their server, it is somewhat similar to and CopyTo.Co.

Unlike those two services, BackUpURL don’t have any storage limitation so you can cache as many webpage you want but there is a disadvantage is you now need to remember a new but small URL which BackUpURL will generate for you, they allow you to email that URL to yourself so that you can easily get when you need it. They should allow us to give option to add and view multiple URLs like we have in BridgeURL.

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