Contacts Groups which are hidden in Gmail

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Few days back I told you about how you can create and post in Google Buzz to certain people you want only to show. But in this post I will tell you how you can see the Certain Groups built-in Gmail by Google.

To know all your friends, relatives and coworkers in your GTalk or Gmail messenger go to

As you huge to see in the old version of Gmail Contacts “All Contact” option you can see that in new version also just by going to

There is also a hidden group for Google Latitude friends, which includes the people that can see your location in Google Latitude to see just go to

To get to know all the people you all are following in Google Buzz go to
These groups get auto updated by Google and this groups are hidden in Contacts so you won’t be able to send Mail of Google Buzz post to these groups. But you can select contacts in this group and can put them in other groups.

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