Gmail New Design And Features In Leaked Screenshot

HI! Everyone hope you all are fine.
In this post I will show and talk about Gmail new leaked Design and Features.

1st you tell, how many things you think have changed by comparing the below images?

New Gmail Design

Old Gmail Design

Here are the things which I have noticed where changed or new.
1.       A drop down menu for switching through 1 Google Account to another.
2.       A drop down menu to Report issues.
3.       3 links for Mail, Contact and Tasks.
4.       New Compose mail button
5.       Cell phone option in Gmail Chat.
6.       The option to starred and select the read, unread mail has got less space.
7.       And seems that Buzz is pleased somewhere else or removed from Gmail.
If you find anything which I didn’t notice then lets us know by commenting below…

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