Download Your Data From Google’s Server With Google Takeout

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Today in this post I will tell you how you can download your data on Google. Google’s Data Liberation launched Google Takeout. As the name suggest it lets you take your data from Google’s server to Continue reading Download Your Data From Google’s Server With Google Takeout

How To Setup Google’s 2-Step Verification For Your Google Account

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Today in this post I will tell you how you can setup 2-step verification for your Google Account. Google recently introduced a new feature called 2-step verification by which you can make your Google Account more safe and secure. By using 2-step verification when you will login to your account you don’t only need your username and password to login, you also need your mobile phone. It means if someone somehow find out what is the password of your Google Account but to access your account he/she still need your mobile phone to login. And if someone tried to login you will get to know instantly.

Google 2-step verification

Let see how you can setup 2-step verification

Note: – During the process read everything carefully in this page and in Google website also, if you got any problem leave the comment below in this page

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Using 2-step verification(under Personal Settings –> Security)
  3. Google 2-step verification - Personal Settings -- Security

  4. Now Google may ask you to type your password again for security reasons
  5. Click on Set up 2-step verification button
  6. Google 2-step verification - Set up 2-step verification button

  7. Select your mobile phone
  8. Click on Next » button
  9. Google 2-step verification - Select a phone

  10. Now select your country and give your phone number
  11. Now select whether you want to receive verification code by text SMS or Voice call
  12. Now click on Send code button
  13. Within few seconds or minutes you will receive a verification code on your given phone number (the phone number you have given in step 7)
  14. Type that verification code in Code: box
  15. After you type the verification code click on Verify button
  16. After it get verify click on Next » button
  17. Google 2-step verification - Your Mobile Phone Verification

  18. Click on Next » button
  19. Google 2-step verification - Click on Next » button

  20. Now you will get some more code (keep these code very safely and you can get it when you want even without your mobile phone or emails access)
  21. Now after you save that codes with you select Yes, I have a copy of my backup verification codes.
  22. Click on Next » button
  23. Google 2-step verification - Backup verification code

  24. For backup, if you lost your mobile or something like that and you don’t have those backup cdes also so you can use other mobile to verify
  25. For you can to follow same step that you followed for your 1st mobile number verification (so go through setup 7 till step 13 then again come back here)
  26. Google 2-step verification - Your Backup Mobile Phone Verification

  27. Click on Next » button
  28. Google 2-step verification - Why is this important

  29. Click on Turn on 2-step verification button
  30. Google 2-step verification - Turn on 2-step verification

  31. A popup will appear confirming that now You will be signed out of your Google Account on all devices, including mobile applications.
  32. Click on OK button
  33. Google 2-step verification - Popup verification

  34. Now sign in to your Google  Account (on which you have just activated 2-step verification)
  35. As you sign in you will receive a SMS on your mobile phone (which you have give for verify in step 7)
  36. After signing in you will be asked to type verification code (that you have just received after signing in)
  37. Type the verification code in Enter code: box
  38. Then click Verify button
  39. Google 2-step verification - Enter verification code

Now you can start using your account. And you will be asked to very every time you access to this Google Account with a new device.

Hope that you have read everything careful in the process. If you have any question or problem comment below

How To Host Images On

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Today in this post i will tell you how you can host your images in Hosting images on sites like ImageShack, PhotoBucket and etc is never been a good idea as because they have limited bandwidth for each and every image which means when your image been viewed more many times it will auto get removed from that link and instead of your image it will show Bandwidth Exceeded.

But hosting images in is easy and have no bandwidth limit. And it gets hosted in Picasa.
Here’s how you can host images in

1.       Go to
2.       Login with your account (if you don’t have click here to know how to get one)
3.       Go to Dashboard –> Design (on which you want to host) –> Page Elements
4.       Click on Add a Gadget –> Picture
5.       Deselect the Shrink to fit box
6.       Now Choose File button
7.       Navigate and select the image you want to upload
8.        After your image fully gets upload, you will see the preview of that image
9.       Right click on that image and select
i)        Chrome : Open image in a new tab, then copy the URL
ii)       Epic/FireFox : Copy Image Location
iii)     Internet Explorer : Properties (a popup will open) now copy the Address (URL)
iv)     Opera : Open Image
v)      Safari : Copy Image Address

Now copy the link and use it where ever you want

Find The Correct Logo Of The Websites You Visit Most Frequently

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Today in this post I will check the site you visit frequently do you remember there logo. In daily life you visit few site very frequently and you there same logo every time but did you ever took a close look to the logo? Let see how well do you know

Go to and wait for few seconds then you will see a Start! button in the place of Loading… button click on it and start your test.

Please if the results break your heat (like mine) then don’t feel bad. Eve I couldn’t able to answer the Google’s and Facebook logo incorrect 🙁

You can have for types of logo quiz
1.       Web Logos 1
2.       Web Logos 2
3.       TV Logos
4.       Car Logos

How To Use Picnik Editor In Picasa

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
In this post I am going to tell you about Google’s new update added in Picasa is an online photo editor Picnik. Google have integrated Picnik which is the best online image editor application. And now it is also available in desktop version in Picasa.

To edit your image in Picnik using Picasa:-
1.        Open the Picasa application in your computer or download it from
2.       Now find and select the image you want to edit
3.       Right click on the image (you want to edit)
4.       Click on View and Edit (shortcut key is Enter)
5.       Now in left-hand side you will see bunch of option in that you will see an option of Edit in Picnik under Basic Fixes tab
6.       Click on Edit in Picnik

7.       Now you will see they are asking you Would you like to edit a copy of this image in Picnik? If you don’t want they ask you every time you edit in Picnik then tick the box of Don’t ask me about the in future. , now click on Yes

8.       Now you will see its getting loading it might take little time to get load

After it get totally load up now you can enjoy editing your image using Picnik tools and after finishing editing you can save it in Picasa by clicking Save to Picasa button on the right-top of the window.

Or if you want to edit the image which is uploaded in your Picasa web album, then you need to go to that image page (in Picasa web album) you want to edit then above that image you will see an Edit drop-down click on it then you will see its written Edit in Picnik click on it and editor will start getting load in browser then start your editing. After editing get completed click on Save to my album on the top-right of the editor, it will get save in the following album (in the album of that image you were editing).

Note: 1. If you are editing image using Picnik then you need to have internet connected.
2. In this application (Picnik) all the editing tool is not for free to use most of the tool are chargeable, so you need to pay to use those tools.
3. If you are already editing something using Picnik in Picasa (both web and desktop) and if you try to edit one more image at the same time then you won’t be able to do it will show you the same image you are editing at that time with the same edited effects you have given in it, as because it works online so it don’t allow you to edit the same image at the same time.