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Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post i will tell you how you can host your images in Hosting images on sites like ImageShack, PhotoBucket and etc is never been a good idea as because they have limited bandwidth for each and every image which means when your image been viewed more many times it will auto get removed from that link and instead of your image it will show Bandwidth Exceeded.

But hosting images in is easy and have no bandwidth limit. And it gets hosted in Picasa.
Here’s how you can host images in

1.       Go to
2.       Login with your account (if you don’t have click here to know how to get one)
3.       Go to Dashboard –> Design (on which you want to host) –> Page Elements
4.       Click on Add a Gadget –> Picture
5.       Deselect the Shrink to fit box
6.       Now Choose File button
7.       Navigate and select the image you want to upload
8.        After your image fully gets upload, you will see the preview of that image
9.       Right click on that image and select
i)        Chrome : Open image in a new tab, then copy the URL
ii)       Epic/FireFox : Copy Image Location
iii)     Internet Explorer : Properties (a popup will open) now copy the Address (URL)
iv)     Opera : Open Image
v)      Safari : Copy Image Address

Now copy the link and use it where ever you want

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