Download Your Data From Google’s Server With Google Takeout

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Today in this post I will tell you how you can download your data on Google. Google’s Data Liberation launched Google Takeout. As the name suggest it lets you take your data from Google’s server to Continue reading Download Your Data From Google’s Server With Google Takeout

How to Post to a groop in Google Buzz

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In this post I am going to tell you how you can post to a certain group of people in Google Buzz.

Here are the steps how you can send the BUZZ massage to certain number of people you want.
1.       Sign-in to
2.       Go to Contacts tab in left

3.       Now type this ( in search box on top and clack on Search Contact or Click here to go search result
4.       Now there you can see the results of those people in your contacts that those who have Google Buzz profile.
5.       And now select the people you want to put in that group
6.       Now click on Group drop-down menu button then click on Create new and give the name to that group
7.        Now go to Mail –> Buzz in the left side

8.       Type the massage you want to post to them (to those who are in that group)
9.       Now click on Public on the web (if there is not written Private) now select Private
10.   After selecting private you will see Post to a group will appear
11.   Now select the Group(s) to which you want to post then click on Post

The post will only show to the people whose IDs are in that group(s). There is one more easy way to make the group is by going to Mail –> Buzz then click on the text box given to post massage now see the Step 9. and 10. Then click on Create a new group, type the name of that group add the people you want to add to the group then Click on Done.

You can also use this group to send mails to the people of that group or if you already have a group made then you can use that group to post the Buzz massage.
Hope you like it, please let me know what you think.

to your Multiply Google Account at the same time

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
As I told before Google is soon launching a new feature by which you can sign-in to multiple Google account. So, now Google have launched thes feature.

The feature by default comes off mode. By going to your Google account page you will see in the Personal Settings options there is a new settings which is Multiple sign-in setting, (if it’s not there then it will be soon available) near the Multiple Sign-in setting you will see its written Change link, click on it.

After clicking on the Change link you will be seeing Google is informing you that this is an advance feature and you can only use multiple sign-in to the following Google Product and Services.
1.       App Engine
2.       Calendar
3.       Code
4.       Gmail
5.       Reader
6.       Sites
7.       Voice
8.       Docs (Coming Soon)

When multiple sign-in get enables you will see a Drop down button at the top-right beside your email ID, by which you can switch to your one account to another intently and add your other Google accounts. You can only add up to three Google accounts. The account which you use to sign-in to another account, the 1st account will become your default account.
e.g.: you have 1st sign-in to the then using this ID you have signed in to the So, the will become your default account.

These are other some things you may need to know or you can take a help from Google Help Center.
1.       If you use any product or services which don’t support this feature, you will automatically get into your default account for that product or service.
2.       Is you once signed out from any account in any product you will automatically will signed out from all other accounts.
3.       Enabling the multiple sign-in option will Disable your Offline products like Offline Gmail and Offline Calendar, as well as any browser bookmarks you’ve set to link to your accounts.
4.       You can make it enable or disable any time by going to the multiple sign-in setting page.

To add other accounts 1st enable the multiple sign-in setting. Once you have enabled the multiple sign-in for one of your Google account. Now here how you will able to add the other accounts to your 1st accounts. Go to the product or service which supports multiple sing-in and sing-in with your account which is enabled with multiple sign-in. Now you will see a drop down button beside your email ID at the top-right click on it. Select the ID you want to switch with or select the Sign-in to another account. Now entre your ID and password of which you want to access with and click on Sign In.

Let us know what you think about it.