Tweet Button For Your Web Browser

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In this post I am going to tell you how you can add tweet button in your web browser. As few days back I told you how you can add Twitter tweet button in your Blog, website and Google Chrome Browser. Now twitter has released tweet button for browser, where you just need to drag and drop a link in your browser’s bookmark bar (supports all major web browser).

Just drag and drop the below Tweet button in your web browser’s Bookmark bar.

And now whenever you visit a webpage, where you can’t find the tweet button to tweet, you can just use this bookmark tweet button to tweet. However this will also work as twitter tweet button works. When you will click on it a twitter pop-under window will appear by which you can tweet as you tweet using twitter tweet button in a webpage.

And if you didn’t liked this bookmark button then you can also use a Chrome extension by Shareaholic in Google Chrome. This also works as the Twitter tweet button works and it also shows how many tweets have been done in the following page.

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