Reason Behind Facebook Similar Notifications Update

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
After a week I am posting something because some technical problem came between my blog and Facebook so got busy in finding the solution but now the problem is solved. Thank You for your Support and Understanding. Today, in this post I am going to tell you Reason behind Facebook update in Notifications.

Facebook have updated there Notifications as you post something, comment on your friend’s post, like any post or so on, you start getting bunch of notifications in your Notifications. So Facebook made an update but do you know why they made this update?

They made this update because one day Mark Zuckerberg commented on one of his friend’s post and the next day Mark need to say sorry for that comment he made because after Mark’s comment he (on whose post mark commented) got hundreds of massages so he wall post where he wrote:
Last night Mark Zuckerberg commented on my status. This morning, hundreds of messages from angry Italians asking that we don't get rid of the "Like" button. How do other facebookers use this site?

So Mark Zuckerberg made changes in Notifications where you will see all the same smeller notifications as one notification.

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