How To Use Google Audio Player To Embed And Play Songs (MP3) on Your Blog Or Website

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Today in this post I will tell you how you can embed and play music (MP3) files on your blog or website using Google Reader/Gmail audio player. If you have received any MP3 file attached or Voice Mail in your Gmail account then you have notice you get an option to play that audio files. Same way Google Reader also has a player.

Google Audio Player

And you don’t have any player in your blog or website to play any MP3 files so you can use that Google player to make your MP3 file playable on your blog or website. Just use the below code to embed a player in your blog or website

<embed type="application/x-shockwave-flash" flashvars="audioUrl=MP3_URL" src="" width="416" height="27"></embed>

In the above code you just need to change MP3_URL with your MP3 file URL.

If you haven’t see Google player, here is a demo player for you

As you can see in above player there is no Google logo or any such so you also won’t be able to have much branding problem with the player. And you are getting everything you need in a player (Features: Play, Pause, TimeLine bar with controller, Audio Timer and Volume Controller).

In case if you didn’t like this player as because it is very simple in look so you can even give a try to Yahoo! Media Player. If you have any question or problem let me know.

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  1. i want to control the start time of my song like to start it at 5second and end it at 10sec plz refer me how to control this gadget of goggle audio player.

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