How To Check And Validate CSS And HTML With W3C Validator

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Today in this post I will tell you how you can check your website HTML and CSS is valid W3C or not. W3C is stands for The World Wide Web Consortium, the main international standards organization for the World Wide Web (also known as WWW or W3). Read more about it here.

If you website is fully HTML and CSS validate then it help you in getting batter ranking in search engines and it will also increase your page loading time. If you write all correct HTML and CSS then spider and browsers will able to read your website easily.

Valid W3C CSS and HTML

After you have written your HTML and CSS go to to check your HTML and to check your CSS. You can check your HTML and CSS by three way give the direct link of the website you want to check (in URI tab), upload your HTML and CSS file (in file upload tab) or copy-past the full code (in direct input tab). If they find any errors in your HTML and CSS they will also help you in solving those errors.

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  1. Hi Saket,

    WOW its too good!! Flawless HTML and CSS is really important as you said..
    I am so glad to know about these validators, Thank You so much for sharing….

    Navya .

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