Pixlr In More Than 25 Different Languages

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Today in this post I will tell you how you can use Pixlr in different languages. Pixlr is flash based online photo editor which is available in more than 25 different languages. Here is the list off all those languages which are available with link.

Pixlr - Image Editor

Arabic – http://pixlr.com/editor/?loc=ar
Brazilian – http://pixlr.com/editor/?loc=pt-br
Chinese – http://pixlr.com/editor/?loc=zh-cn
Croatian – http://pixlr.com/editor/?loc=hr
Czech – http://pixlr.com/editor/?loc=cs
Danish – http://pixlr.com/editor/?loc=dk
Dutch – http://pixlr.com/editor/?loc=nl
English – http://pixlr.com/editor/?loc=en
Finnish- http://pixlr.com/editor/?loc=fi
French – http://pixlr.com/editor/?loc=fr
Greek – http://pixlr.com/editor/?loc=el
Hebrew – http://pixlr.com/editor/?loc=he
Indonesian – http://pixlr.com/editor/?loc=id
Italian – http://pixlr.com/editor/?loc=it
Japanese – http://pixlr.com/editor/?loc=jp
Korean – http://pixlr.com/editor/?loc=kr
Norwegian – http://pixlr.com/editor/?loc=no
Polish – http://pixlr.com/editor/?loc=pl
Portuguese – http://pixlr.com/editor/?loc=pt
Romanian – http://pixlr.com/editor/?loc=ro
Russian – http://pixlr.com/editor/?loc=ru
Slovenian – http://pixlr.com/editor/?loc=sl
Spanish – http://pixlr.com/editor/?loc=es
Taiwanese – http://pixlr.com/editor/?loc=zh-tw
Thai – http://pixlr.com/editor/?loc=th
Turkish – http://pixlr.com/editor/?loc=tr
Ukrainian – http://pixlr.com/editor/?loc=uk

You can also change language from Languages in Menu bar.

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