Get Indian Railways Train Details without Any Registration With Erail.In

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Today in this post I will tell you how you can easily get Indian Railways train details. When we plan a vacation we generally go to a travel agent to know about the train schedules and all or start searching on internet. There are few website which provide details about it but we need to register/login our self to get the information.

I used to use to get the details and here we don’t have to register but it takes little time to get the info. Couple of months back I got to know about from my brother, which I found more user friendly (but not so good looking UI), easy to use, fast, with more details then ClearTrip and even don’t have to register for the details.

After you given the arrival, departure and date of travel details you will get list of all the trains which are available on that date with their arrival and departure timing, how many hours it will take, what is the distance, on which other days that train is available, in which class tickets are available and you also get few travel agent contact details in case if you want to book your train by hiring a travel agent.

After you selected the train in which you would like to travel below you will get the details where that train will stop in between your destination, you will also get the price list in 14 different currencies and you can also view the route of the train on the map powered by Google Maps.

You will also able to track your PNR status. You can check your previous searches from the right column. is available in two different languages Hindi and English.

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