Pass Your Will (Online Assets) After Your Death With PassMyWill

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Today in this post I will tell you how you can pass your passwords after your death. Have you ever thought what will happen to your online accounts, your credit card/bank account details, etc. after your death? I did once or twice but haven’t given much thought on it but PassMyWill made me again to give a thought about it.

PassMyWill is service that will let you pass your Will of Your Online Assets to your relatives after you pass away. After you given all the details in PassMyWill, now they will keep checking your Facebook and Twitter account to make sure that you are well and alive, as they realize that you are not active anymore then they will send you an email to conform, if you didn’t respond to that email then they will send out email to all those people in your given list to them.

PassMyWill - Will your passwords to your relatives if you pass away

There few things to be concerned about in PassMyWill is, for some reason you couldn’t able to come online for a month or so, so how long is that time period they going see if I am come online or not. Somehow they felt that I am not alive anymore and to conform they send me an email so how long they are going to wait for my reply.

And what if PassMyWill didn’t last long or there server got hacked, however it is secure and encrypted but hacking can be happen anywhere as we know there are many services which got hacked till now. But I really liked there concept.

So there is another workaround you can put all your data in file and you can encrypt it with some locking software like BitLocker.

Thanks lifehacker for the tip.

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