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Today in this post I will tell you how you can same any article in PDF. There are few services like Web2PDFConvert, ToRead, etc. which lets you save the entire webpage as PDF so that you can view them offline latter.

But if you want to save any article from any news website or blog then those services will save that article but with that they will also save all the unwanted contents and if those news sites and blog have lots of ads, images and other unwanted contents on there page then it will also make your PDF file heavy.

JoliPrint - Save web articles as PDF for reading later

So to help you in reducing your PDF file size and by removing all those clutters (unwanted content) there is another service called JoliPrint. It auto detect the article from the webpage and convert it into well formatted PDF. You can also email the links of the webpages to and they will instantly reply to that email with a PDF containing all the articles from those links.

You can also add bookmarklet to your web browser, if you use Google Chrome then you can install their extension and they also have bookmarklet for your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

If you are an owner of a website or have a blog in then you can simply add a code and easily let your visitors save your articles in PDF. If you use then read this instruction and if you use self hosted WordPress then download and install this plugin.

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