Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
In this post I will tell you about New Twitter. Today Twitter announced their new layout and features in twitter .com, which is going to be a good challenge for all the Twitter Desktop Apps.

In new Twitter 1st of all you will notice two wide panels and a navigation (nav) bar on top. Left panel is for Timeline and the right panel is for the other details, you will also see the right panel size is become twice as before, so that you can get more details.

If you click on a tweet, it will appear on the right panel with extra details like: how many people who have retweeted it and if that tweet contains any video or image link it will get embedded below, for that Twitter have partnered with 16 companies like YouTube, Flickr, USTREAM, TwitPic and so on.

Now you have a shortcut button to tweet in right side of nav bar and @Mentions, Retweets, Searches and List option gone at the top in Timeline panel.

As before if you visit any profile’s or your own Followers and Following list you huge to see their last tweet but now you will see their bio written below.

Now if you click on geotag it will open within the same page. Not as before it will open a new Google Maps window.

Twitter Settings options is as before it was, no changes in that.

And here are the some Shortcuts keys for
·         f = Favorite
·         r = Reply
·         t = Retweet
·         m = Direct Message
·         n = New Tweet
·         ? = List Of Shortcut Keys
·         j = Next Tweet
·         K = Previous Tweet
·         space bar = Page Down
·         / = Search
·         . (dot) = Refresh Tweets and Back To Top

Image Credit: TNW

Note: New Twitter is not rollout for everyone it is still in testing, they are rolling it slowly to everyone.

Also see this video by Twitter

And if you are using New Twitter or after reading this let us know what you think about it.

View PDF Files Without Downloading Or Using Any Software

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
In this post I am going to tell you how you can see any PDF file without downloading it or using any software. While suffering on internet whenever I get an PDF file to see I need to download it to see that file and also needed to use a software to view that file (like: Adobe Reader or such).

Image credit: Icon Finder

But using Google Docs Viewer you can
1.       View any PDF file online
2.       Copy-Paste anything
3.       Save file in image format (.png)
4.       After viewing if you want you can download it from there
5.       Can take print directly from there
6.       Save it in your Google Docs A/C

Just put the following link before your PDF file link.

For e.g.:  If your PDF file link is

Then after put the Google Docs Viewer link it will become like this
 To Copy-paste just select the thing you want to copy and paste it where ever you want.

Save As Image
To save it in image format Right-click on the page you want to save and select Save Image As from the drop-down.

To Download
There at the top you will see option to Download, Right-click on it and select Save Link As from the drop-down.

To Print
At the top beside Download option you will see an option to Print, simply Click on it to Print.

Save in Google Docs
At the top beside Download and Print option you will see an option to Save in Google Docs, simply just click on it to save (if you are not login to your Google A/C login page will appear so that you can save it in your A/C)

Throw Your Angriness On Peter By Throwing Him Everywhere

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
In this post I am going to show you something intrusting. I got an interesting site for you all by Peter Craig, who made an interesting app where you will see a man (Peter Craig) and many balls with thorns all around. He asks you to throw him anywhere in screen but he hope that you all won’t let him get hurt. Here are the few screen shots I have taken for you all.

I didn’t get success in saving him. So, let’s see you all can get success or not also let me know how long you able to save him. Click here to go the site.