Things You Should Know While Choosing A Password

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In this post I am going to tell you the common word and combinations you shouldn’t use for passwords and the things you should know about while choosing a password.

In the below image you will see list of 500 word which are most commonly used as a password and have more chances to get hack.

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And these are the things you should know while making a password.

1.       Use at least 8 characters for your password, the more characters you use the more good for you, but most of the people find difficulty to remember more than 15 characters of password.
2.        Use the random mixtures of characters, uppercase and lower case, numbers, punctuation, spaces, symbols and etc.
3.       Don’t use the words that can be found in dictionary (of any language).
4.       Never use the same password twice.
If you have many accounts then make a combination of your password.
e.g.: If you are keeping your password “Thursday” so use it like this
1st account = thUrSAy16
2nd account = thUrSAy 17
3rd account = thUrSAy 18
Things you should avoid
1.       Don’t just add up the digit or symbol after the word.
e.g.: thursday 16
2.       Don’t repeat the same word or combination in one password.
e.g.: thUrSAy 16 thUrSAy 16 or FrIdAy1661yAdirF
3.       Don’t simply reverse the words.
e.g.: elppa for apple, retupmoc for computer, and etc
4.       Don’t just remove the vowels from password
5.       Don’t just garble letters.
e.g.:  converting e to 3, L or i to 1, o to 0. as in “z3r0-10v3”
6.       Avoid sharing your password with your Girl friend or Boy friend.
1.       Always use the random mixtures of characters, uppercase and lower case, numbers, punctuation, spaces, symbols and etc.
2.       Keep such password that you can remember.
3.       Keep such password that you can type quickly.
4.       Don’t copy-paste your password.
Passwords not to choose
1.       Ignore using words which represent you or relate you.
e.g.: name, nickname, birth date, wife’s name, girl friend’s name, pet’s name, friends name, home town, phone number, social security number, car registration number, address etc. This includes using just part of your name, or part of your birth date
2.       Don’t choose password which are available near you.
e.g.: computer, internet, phone, mobile, books, and etc.
3.       Don’t use passwords like the above image 1s or any such words or combinations.
Choosing a password
1.       You can use good random password generator software.
2.       Use the 1st later from every word of a sentence (like a sentence from a lyrics of a song)
e.g.: mFni16 – My favorite No. is 16
3.       You can use two words and join them together using any symbol or punctuation.
Keep changing you password
1.       You should change your password as much as you can (recommended monthly).
2.       Change the password as soon as you realize that somebody know your password.
3.       Don’t re-use the password again, which you have already used.
Keep your password safe
1.       Never save your password on computer.
2.       Never send your password through emails or any such thing which is not secure.
3.       Be care full when you type your password when somebody is watching you.
4.       Don’t write your password anywhere (especially in electronic device). If you write then keep it in such a place where no one can see it.
Remember your password
1.       You can use password manager software.
2.       Write your password in code words that you can only able understand it.
3.       Choose easy to remember password.

Hope these information are help full, and if you have any kind of information or tips then please let us know  by commenting bellow…

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