Worlds Cheapest Tablet PC

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In this post I will tell you about the new Tablet PC from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangaluru, IIT Kanpur, IIT Kharagpur, IIT Madras and IIT Mumbai have co-developed the `1,500 (32 US$ approx) Tablet PC, unveiled by Ministry of Human Resource Development (HRD) Kapil Sibal. The world’s cheapest Tablet PC. This Tablet PC is for students (both school and college), manufacturing will start in 2011. Now it might just cost `1,500 but in starting next year the government wants to sell it to the Indian students at price of `

500. Can you imagine it can be chipper then a cell phone.

The name of the device is Sakshat.

§  The device size (5in. in width and 10in. in height) is probably same as an iPad size.
§  Single unit touch screen
§  2 GB of Memory using Memory card and can be extend with 32 GB using external device
§  256 MB of RAM
§  Wi-Fi enabled
§  Fixed Ethernet capability
§  Linux based Operating System (OS)
§  USB port
§  PDF reader
§  Camera for video conference
§  Multi connect viewer
§  Multimedia input/output (I/O) interface option
§  Siclab
§  Media player

And so on. It only needs 2 watts power to get charge, It also has an option of solar power and it use

8 thoughts on “Worlds Cheapest Tablet PC”

  1. tis a boon for those under privileged students in villages who cannot keep in touch with the world…very good keep it up….

    lets wait for some time more till this dream is realised…completly…the price is due to increase…

    its a mocking story how the prices of daily amenities(food items and for that matter everything) keeps rising and a thing like this is sold for only 1500/=…..the govt(congress) has an excuse for everything….

    this gadget will be subsidised by the government for sure…nobody in this world can make such cheap a gadget…not even the chinese…

  2. hii saket …<br />i js wanna know , who all can get dis small wonder gadget ?<br />i mean is dis for everyone…or 4 som special class..<br /> dr.kiran

  3. UNBELIEVABLE<br />laptop cheaper that cell phone<br />Thats amazing!!!!!!!!<br />INIDAN STUDENTS ROCKS

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